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Welcome back America. We have a really fantastic writer and investigator Julie Kelly. Senior contributor. American Greatness. Julie, How are you? I'm great. Mark, How are you? I'm great. You know, when people do their little hit jobs, they don't understand. I hit back twice as hard. We have this guy Phil bump. National correspondent Washington Compost You spent a lot of time interviewing individuals in the jail from January 6th interviewing their lawyers going through the charging documents to the your knowledge. Has this Communist for the Washington Post filled bomb ever been to the jail? No. In fact, I doubt that he knows that the deplorable jail even exist. There is no indication in his column that he realizes that three dozen January 6th capital protesters are sitting in that jail has been in that jail since February. And that there are dozens of all for other jails across the country being denied bail simply because of their involvement in January six He doesn't mention that in his article. Why do you think that is Because he's a fraud. That's right. Let's go on, he says. Here, um Host Mark Living is focused on the issue repeatedly in June, he told his audience that we're hearing That there in some of the worst jails. Some are being put in solitary environment where they only have an hour where they can go outside of that. That they're being fed poor food. They're being treated like they're terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, where they be treated actually better. Is there something I said there that's inaccurate. No. And, um it's too bad that Philip Bump didn't listen to the oath Keepers status hearing that I did today, where there are three keepers. None charged with violent crime. No weapons charge. No assaulting police officers, No direct vandalism, Nothing. Can. Harrelson was arrested in February. He's been in the D C jail since last spring. And his lawyer today told Judge Maeda the alarming physical and medical condition that Mr Harrelson is in that he has not had a shave or a haircut. That he has a medical condition. He cannot get treatment for, um that, of course, the poor food. I'm hearing that they keep shutting off the hot water there that they're flooding theirselves. There have been reports of abuse. Uh, at least one of the detainees, so Phil bump should have listened to the OAT keepers hearing today. There are three oath keepers who have been held. And their trial just got moved from January 2022 April of 2020, so they will be in jail. Some of them almost a year. That is correct. Yes. And Philip bump. Rather than find out what actually is taking place, and he works for the Washington Post. So I have to Sunnis in or around Washington, D. C. If he got off his fat ass, he could actually go and see if he wants to try and find out what's taking place. But he doesn't Now let's go on. He says. It's obviously true that Americans should be tried quickly to minimize unnecessary detention and that those detentions to be humane, But what do you mean? But But it's important to remember that law enforcement didn't make many arrests on June six. So that's most arrests came later, meaning that it wasn't true in July that most of those in detention had been there for six months. Did I say most of those in detention have been there for six months? Mr Producer? One would also be justified in thinking that Levin is perhaps not expressing concerns about political prosecutions uniformly and they 2020. He went on Sean Hannity's Fox News show to insist. That officials from the Obama administration should be thrown in jail. You mean those officials who planted lies? You mean the FBI that tried to Have a coup against a sitting president. You see, you see the problem here, Julie with these with these Washington post types They throw in these these cherry picked arguments. They don't look at the whole argument. Did Phillip Mob contact you to try and get any context for this story? No, I know that. I know that probably shocks you, but no, he did not. But he knows I was referring to your writings. He knows I've had you on the show, I guess. He knows that you actually have got dirt under your fingernails digging into this like a real reporter where he's just sitting back and right. Then he attacks Fox News. That Fox News and Republicans don't believe this election and on and on and on. It's shocking that we have Americans being treated this way by our so called justice system. And then we have a media that supports it. Is it not? Oh, they absolutely do. I mean, they are cheering for this, And that's what Phillips bombs basically said in his column by by dismissing the the reality that there are political prisoners that this Justice Department continues every week. To hunt down January 6th protesters and to arrest them to charge them with ridiculous crimes, like parading and picketing and in Congress, ruining their lives. These people have lost everything, even charged with minor offenses. They've lost. Their jobs are being bankrupted. They're being humiliated an outcast in their communities. They will never get their lives back. Because their political props and Joe Biden Justice Department of People like Philip Bump.

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