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Shot sixteen free throws the rest of the team had eight no other player had more than two attempts jaanus has scored twenty plus in eight consecutive games versus boston janas average thirty seven point three at the garden this season so dale's forty five point game could become an you'd mentioned earlier in the show that's right shot game one take those these are literally skis game one milwaukee outscored boston fifty eight forty four in the paint maybe more aaron baynes who only played fifteen minutes they'd be baines is a key to see that happen aron baynes no he's not on yannis now despite humans thinking that deer are quiet animals they actually have hundreds of vocalisations dell's back yeah this is the main the main i was just wondering where thomas came up with this tidbit i used to talk to the deer in maine i talked to the der boden all the tests a loaf of bread in two thousand near sounded like i can imagine it sounded like kief on the phone that was that was that was midday milwaukee radio sounded pretty good bound celtics attack is the only way they can win they don't have a jaanus who scored thirty five but there was five guys on the celtics in game one that at least nineteen points they balanced attack no he was doing well that wants.

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