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Pennsylvania. And in Georgia, where there will be a recount overall in Georgia Plus in Arizona, President Trump is gaining ground, and the president also leads in North Carolina and in Alaska. So we check in here on both campaigns, Beginning with the Biden campaign, there could be A speech here tonight for the vice president. If there is, we'll bring it to you, but that's so far has been delayed by at least in our behalf. Joe Biden is confident that he will hit 2 70. The campaign thinks his win will be sizable in Pennsylvania. They're also confident about Arizona and Nevada. But they consider Georgia a toss up and now these results are trickling in, and Joe Biden is urging the American people to let the process Play out democracy, sometimes missing. It sometimes requires a little patience as well. And the campaign thinks that President Trump is seeing the same data, prompting the president and his allies to aggressively litigate. Which team Biden sees is an effort to create a cloud of confusion and cast doubt on the legitimacy of the results. It's Jackie Heinrich with the Biden campaign. John Decker is with the Trump campaign, with the president continuing to trail Joe Biden in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona, the president in a statement, saying, We believe the American people deserve to have full transparency into all vote counting an election certification and that this is no longer about any single election. We will pursue this process through every aspect of the law to guarantee that the American people have confidence in our government. I will never give up. Fighting for you and our nation. That's John Decker at the White House. The president here tonight There is a new story out there in case of a mysterious red wagon. In the city of Detroit made its way into the news video went viral on social media, claiming the wagon was being used in voter fraud. A man was seen in the video pulling a red wagon containing a box into a vote counting center. First, the city attorney released a statement saying no ballots or ballot boxes or transported in red wagons. A TV station posted a picture showing the man was actually one of their photojournalists. Calling a case of camera equipment into the center where election workers were counting votes. Maryland Haider Kogo News media kind of supervisor Kristen Gaspar says she was stunned by her loss in Tuesday's election. In her first interview since Election Day, she says that she thinks she knows the reason as to why the campaign went against her bar Republican was down by 20 points the newcomer to running for office, Terra Lawson Remer, an economist who worked in the Obama administration. Yes, Bart told Talking AM seven sixties Mark Larsen that our first interview that labor unions help get out the Democratic vote and took advantage of the mail ballots set out to all voters in this election. There's a reason why they pushed for that. I think that there's a lot of ballot harvesting that goes on. This is where people go and tell people how to vote pick up ballot encourage those who are nearly may not return it to vote. The way that they want. Guest Bar says she worries that with the gains Democrats have made on the county supervisors And the City Council. There will be no checks and balances and only single party rule in San Diego. Cliff Albert Koba News Corona virus cases are up in San Diego. The positive test rate was 4%. Today, The rolling two week average is up slightly at 3.2%. Hospitalizations were also off their back at the end of July levels right now in the early part of November 3 new deaths reported today. The total for the year is 907 coming up. On Tuesday, the state will update its Corona virus watch list. If the numbers are high as they were last week in San Diego, we moved back into the purple tear with locations like museums, movie theaters, Jim's places of worship and restaurants. All forced to close their indoor operations so Vista High schoolers could be looking at in person learning. Instead, they're going to return on the 12th. And those plans have been derailed because of party's over Halloween weekend, and it's over the instances up in Vista students at two vest. A unified high schools will have to wait longer to go back to the classroom, the Vista Unified School District, delaying re openings at Vista in Mission Vista High after roughly 200 students from the school attended to Halloween House parties. Last weekend with no social distancing and no masks, this mother tells reporting partner 10 news. I think at this point we're all just super tired of of people not doing the right thing. The district is asking parents to get their kids tested if they attended the parties or if they have any symptoms. The district has reported a total of 20 positive covert 19 cases since they reopened on October 20th Vista High in Mission Vista Higher now set to resume in person learning on November 16th. Zachary Barnes KOGO News. Don't be gross Mike colleges providing free meals, so it's students. As the pandemic continues. The school is working with kitchens for good to provide meals every Thursday. Grossman is the first in the county to partner with kitchens for goods Project Nourish Initiative, which works to combat hunger by creating.

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