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Have found mollifying Sacramento's number one for breaking news. Local news, traffic and weather News 93.1 from ABC News. I'm Daria holding her. Joe Biden's been given the go ahead to officially begin his transition. The president elect got the letter he'd been waiting for from general Services Administrator. Emily Murphy, ABC. Sandy Fielden Washington Unusual letter and it never says the government has ascertained. Joe Biden won the election instead. Yes. The administrator, Emily Murphy, wrote that the transition act gives her the power to make certain post election resource is and services available, and because of recent legal and certification developments. She's doing that for President Elect Biden. She also writes that she was never pressured by any Trump administration official to do that, administrator Murphy, saying she has always strived to do what's right. Maybe she's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl says the letter was delivered as President. Trump's legal challenge has been don't more setbacks. Michigan made it official. Certifying Joe Biden is the state's winner, slamming the door shut on President Trump's frantic efforts, including summoning Republican state legislatures to the White House on Friday to reverse an election in a state that Biden won by over 150,000 votes Georgia had already certified Biden is the winner. And Pennsylvania today moved closer to doing the same recount in Georgia. The Trump campaign requested will begin tomorrow morning. HHS Secretary Alex A czar says there will be no changes to the Trump administration's covert vaccine.

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