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Friends, Scott and carry with you on a Monday afternoon as we get set to put a bow on week 16 of the National Football League 2020 season David Lombardi from the athletic will join us in the next segment to talk more 40 Niners. Baby of all the craziness we've seen in the NFL this year. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that they appear that they're going to get this in and 17 weeks. Yeah, right without having to, you know a cancelation into to invoke the week 18 Klaus absolutely against all odds story, and I'm not sure how much we can trust the NFL. Given that Raider Steelers game that took place on a Wednesday afternoon, but they've Got through 16 weeks. No reason to believe that they won't get through 17. And then the postseason. I do think becomes a little bit easier. Yes. No, I have no doubt fewer teams, your headaches by the definition, So we got about five minutes in this segment. Do we want to just talk Raiders? We want to save that for later. We should start with the Raiders and see if we end up moving on because the criticism for Jon Gruden is It's plentiful. He he made our jobs easy. I mean, did you learn nothing like from their win over the Jets, right? What was the takeaway? Well, there was one thing to be learned one very crucial piece of defensive philosophy to be learned. And they somehow forgot it when they were on the other side of Don't let anyone get behind. You don't let anyone get behind you with 19 seconds left, And there was a lot of examples of poor situational awareness around the NFL. That led me to believe that teams actually are Being hurt a little bit by all the zoo meetings, not being able to review things in person, but the most blatant of the weekend. Aside from maybe the Rams receiver Reynolds putting the ball down in the middle of the field, That was really bad. That was really bad, but Damon Arnett letting my Kosecki get behind him on the left side of the field. In a situation where if a receiver is running past you There is a good chance that he is going to be open and the receiver that the quarterback is going to target inexcusable and everything about the Raiders defense has been inexcusable all season long, all decade long, All millennium wrong. Correct since the Super Bowl year. Unbelievable. There's your options are limited with 19 seconds. When you're deep in your own territory. You can't dink and dunk you keep re literally. You have to throw that first pass to midfield. You have to. There's no other way to do it. Yes, it's mind boggling on so many levels and then you factor in That Ryan Fitzpatrick Was had his head, You know, ripped sideways by the face mask and still managed to get that ball with enough. On it. I mean, the hang time was prolific Hit was a punt and to put it pretty much where he wanted it. It just drive. It's remarkable that plays remarkable on so many levels that played to me is far worse of an example of the Raiders deficiencies and everything that has gone wrong for them this season. How they're coached how their organizational structure just that play had so much more to do with them Losing to me than Josh Jacob's taking the dive at the one yard line because at least you understand that Yes, You understand that they're playing the numbers game that they're saying. The statistical probability of us winning this game is likelier with me taking a dive right here than me actually scoring a touchdown because we've seen it this season. Todd Gurley went in. And it hurt his team. Correct and I can't the statistics also back just your intuition, right If you score a touchdown, it's an eight point game with a minute to go. You know, that's not that crazy, right? But Doing what? The foot but but But getting into field goal range with starting at your own 15, or whatever was 20 yards with 19 seconds. That's that should simply never ever happen, right? It takes a complete and utter breakdown, and that's what the Raiders gave us. Paul Gunther is gone. Rodman Marinelli is there, but they need a entirely different defensive staff. Next season have a chance. They also need entirely different defensive personnel as they're not rushing the quarterback effectively. They can't play coverage and also, they're not stopping the run. And I think that we did see we learned something a little bit about the Miami Dolphins, and they don't totally trust to attack of Iowa. And that Ryan Fitzpatrick is still got it. They're still fits. Magic. Was there a question for you? There wasn't for you. There was not your this year that led you to believe that he didn't still have. Yeah, He's great. Those first six weeks you've been pounding the table for Ryan Fitzpatrick and I now see the light. I give Brian floors so much credit for making that move yesterday. So much credit Because if it's Patrick comes in and doesn't play well, he's gonna get hammered. Right. And what do you do into your destroying two is confident you're not destroying anybody's confidence to it gets it. He was not playing well, who has done this before, too? He played with Jalen hurts and college And they did this in Alabama. They did nothing with two yesterday. Nothing. Yeah. Saturday. Sorry. And Fitzpatrick one of the game. Great NFL weekend. It was it was, by the way you want to see her running backs head explode. Just wait until it's one thing If they're at the five, you know, like the Raiders were because then it's gonna be They're going to talk about it beforehand..

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