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Show talk with Eric berry founder of code fund previously long, sir, Eric, how are you? Good. How you doing? It's a good day. I've actually been waiting believe this, but I've been waiting for this call. I've been wanting to have this conversation with you for a long time. Kleiber finally having, why is that? So I put this show on haggis about five years ago and I love the kind of conversations. I'm hoping we're about the half which is kind of like this leering of an onion revealing. So the details behind lessons learned and building a business, which is not easy, and I'm a fan of yours fan you're doing as as you probably know. And you know, I resume this show probably a few months ago after a five-year haggis and my passion is really digging into these kinds of stories. And so when I when I was bringing the show back and I made my list, your name is on it so go, I appreciate that. No, you guys have been a pretty big influence for me. So you know, mutual respect there for sure. Thank you. I took a drink my coffee because I need my any my juice to to make it through its two o'clock now. But that's when I take my second Cup of coffee. I don't know about you. I got my t right next to me and he go. So code sponsor was reasonable name. It's now code fund. We've got sort of a long journey to strap pass, but just a quick highlights, I'll cover them and you can fill in the blanks from I understand a year ago last month to eighth was when you begin your journey years, probably maybe that's the date of inception of code. I'm not sure what what the exact birthday really means and since then, you know you've had some issues with get hub. You've learned lots of lessons, eve change your business model. You've been acquired from what I understand from a consensus. What I wanna do for like tell that quick version the story to give some context listeners and the rewind back to the beginning to say, where did this begin for you? So help me fill in the kind of the t. l. DR over arching. We'll go. We'll go back in the past a bit. Yeah. I think the start off with maybe a little bit about me as a in who I am. I may. I'm a software developer. I've been doing development since the late nineties. I started off in started off in PHP and what the job and then and then ruby is where I was introduced to the whole open source world and his back in two thousand and eight since then I've pretty much clamped down on ruby for very long time, and anybody who's listening knows that the ruby communities pretty remarkable owner comes to when it comes to open source and and helping build tools for each other. And so I grew up. Professionally in this atmosphere where we're all giving each other. I had my heroes back then Remmy sharp. Of course. There's Tom Dale and and and you cats and and d. h. h of course, and a lot of people who are doing massive contributions to the community, and it was so fascinating to watch every single time that happened. It was just another tool in my tool belt, right? And and so I became very calm. Maybe comfortable is probably the right word. I became comfortable with with utilizing open source for my for my personal career growth. And I've been doing so for for very long time. And so back in July of last year I was working for a company. I wasn't too thrilled working there and I wanted to be able to start something on the side. And when I did that, I, I asked myself, what can I possibly provide? That's not out there. And and I, we had some ideas that might work might not work, but I thought about what what am I passionate about? And I'm passionate about open source and I have a background in marketing, so so the the whole idea kind of came out of it was I remember that I remember the day I was driving to work and it just hit me. I think I can marry the two and help open source continue to grow through through marketing and advertising, and once that idea clicked it, everything stems from that kind of fell right into place. My mind. It's interesting to two for one, of course, Romy sharp, huge influence remind DJ definitely, Tom del you..

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