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Ground zero the numbers. Call tonight, triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred when Michael tonight. You know, what really gets me a little unnerved, and it's not pointed angers the point of terrified. Is that I can say something on my show and people will say, well, that's just quite saying. You know, whatever if q says it, though, it's fact, and if you say that it's not fact, you're immediately a shell you're immediately. Whatever I don't understand that kind of logic. Because that's the thing is that I would say something, and I'm thinking, well I've developed trust amongst my listeners. And then I say, hey, pay attention. What cues doing q may not be a person? I mean, it's not reasonable to think there's a person on the other end making this stuff up. I it's it's I mean, I don't think there's a whole group of intelligence ops sitting at computers feeding people, unfortunately, Chan information there has to be set it and forget it situation going on with their and you say that and people say, oh, I being duped by well, no, you're not being duped by getting information from the from the collective intelligence. That's where you're getting the information from. And so I'm wondering, you know, why is it that that is more important than maybe a flesh and blood human being given you the same information Gwen. It's very easy in two steps. One. The program is called that runs that it's called the arbiter of truth, and to the general public has a huge misconception that artificial intelligence is that you're going to see a machine that matches a human being into its humanizing technology thing. Artificial intelligence has to equal me before. I recognize it. And so that that's the other weakness that humans have when dealing with artificial intelligence besides their emotional perspective of focusing on. You know adversarial situations. Is the need to humanize everything. Like humans put their dogs close and teach their dogs did do human tricks, and we train animals than we domesticate things. And we humanize things now. I also knows this. And that's how it appeals to us. Like, you're saying it makes humanizing is like spelling as and features. But yet at the same time, it knows us psychologically, so it can play the arbiter of truth. And it knows that if it gets a certain amount of core believers that they can then influence the rest of the fear, right? Right. Menu. Get those through your thoughts heaters, and your your your social leaders build up is they're the ones that become the arbiters of truth that you trust. So that way the people that follow later. They don't read all the documentation. They don't take the time to learn everything because they just find a personality they trust bike. You. You see on YouTube is ample right? Well, speaking of YouTube. I mean, I just got this guy is like bombarding my Facebook with videos of Trump giving the cusine and all it is is Trump is just basically moving his hands. And then somebody decides. Well, if we could make it into a queue, I it's a cusine. Well, no, I don't think it's a Q side at all. I think he's just moving his hands, and it's not acute side and lets you dry grazie. And that becomes what's called the Herbert of truth. And then if you do reinforcement model through enough social personalities. Then people who are less than knowledgeable. They start to believe it through reinforcement model. It's like on YouTube. If you ever watched the YouTubers, they're constantly either talking about huge drops unfortun- or they're attack each other for being shells. You got the treatment just a little while ago from somebody who telling your shell because you're saying, that's no, I'm not I think I think I'm explaining just how this collective intelligence operates. And how and I think it's amazing. How you brought up. The adversary ll aspect, especially when it comes to the ninety eight percentile of media, that's attacking our government right now. You're not attacking it. You're you're part of the problem. I got that the other day to somebody sent me an Email saying, well, quite you're part of the problem. You don't talk about it. You don't talk about Trump and his lies. That's not what I talk about. I mean, look, you can get all that from all the other talk show hosts, I'll give you the Trump is a time travel at some weird television show in the nineteen fifties talked about a guy building a wall. I mean that that's the fun part of it. All it's it's a different way of looking at is. He is because his uncle worked on the whole command and control system out Mitee, not just the tesla tax. But. Trump Song-Chol was like a big dude with developing artificial intelligence, and radiation technology and radar technology and x and command and control systems. Sure. Like, he he was one of their like secret Tesla's that never got publicity because he was that smart. Yeah. And of course, Trump always tells us that just pedigree is that way, and then he knows a lot. And of course, he knows a lot. He knows how it's gonna work out. I guess if you pay attention to moves, let's go to Mike in Washington. You're on with Quinn. Michael's Mike, you're on ground zero. I. I was calling in because last year I heard about six Q on on, you know, during the summer like a lot of people heard about it. And I started doing some investigating 'cause I heard about military tribunals Cuba Guantanamo. So I found it interesting article in the Miami Herald, a reporter was over there in Cuba did some investigating the base over. There is apparently eighty miles eighty miles eighty miles long eighty miles wide. We haven't Cuba, and they're spending hundreds of millions of dollars. And then the article in the Miami Herald, they said they were building at ten city to hold thirty thousand people. I don't know what the reason was. And they also said they were building a lot of jail cells, and they had a lot of portable jail cell going there. So I try and think about when I hear skew on on saying well, be military tribunals Huber that makes it gives me a little bit of. And I know what it does Mike and let me just tell you. What it does is? It captures that it's scanning the internet captures that and says, oh, so they're building these jails. Well, what can we do to bring the attractors in? We can say that they're going to be jailing Americans and bringing up the guillotines going to bring out the guillotines are. They're gonna kill all these Americans Guantanamo, and that's exactly how it's done. But here's the truth. But there's very few terrorists there. Now. What are we going to build all that for see? That's the whole point. That's the question. Why are they building all that? We'll cue fills in the blanks. You're gonna take people they're they're gonna March in there put them in black sites and guillotine them or something else. I mean, I can make it up to, but I'm not going to do that because of credibility. And if I did do that. I'd be fired. I don't think that's going to happen. That that's what they can latch onto some sort of outrageous conspiracy theory about trains and manacles and and marching people to the camps and beheading them. Yeah. I don't I mean, I I was I guess it's the same thing over and over and over, but I talked to you about a year and a half ago. I'm going to have to be your one day. Doings like at mcminnville. That'd be perfect. Either. Has that Manson? I was gonna show you. Yeah. My friend Ron saw you down at mcminnville, and he brought the picture of your soul. Thank you. Thank you, Mike, and I'm gonna make it to your events. And I'll bring the I'll bring the doll. I'll bring the pictures. I have imagined. I have the original booking. Frisian? Sixers, right. I can go prison, and I got my friend that was in there. I got his key card, Iran. We'll be very interested that we got some pretty interesting stuff hanging up in the office that was in a museum of serial killer. So maybe Ron and be interested in the mic. Thank you so much for the call Tommy in Tennessee. Hi, Tommy, you're on with Quinn. Michael's? Go ahead. Just a short. Badagry here. What I've done. I started out and not areas aircraft mechanic and moving away up twenty second air force and became the deputy director communications we used to have been sent to school and allow you mentioned the old St. sixty systems that started back around nineteen eighties with the vaccine drinks, and I used to attach. Or why are in communication devices back names, Frank computer? So that the entire air force listened to secure voice communications. And he suggests that we might be receiving doing a crisis. We request the section ten. I'm ain't it sounds a lot like what I've heard about the Nostra Domus prediction, and that's project where they would feed information in the CIA or whatever intern. There's there's movie that John guess was in that worrisome stuff like that or not a bit. And he could manipulate the weather and all this kind of stuff people strong. Don't remember name the movie, but you know, my main question is the programming language during your. Time when I went to getting my degree associate's ninety programming languages. We'll using D. Baseball's has scales C plus plus and machine language with a combat hours. And I was wondering what type of programming language or they using with this Cunanan system right now. So that I can do a little bit more digging become a little bit more informed. Goes exactly would this answer. That couldn't answer that Tommy let's have Quin tonight because we're running out of time. So Tommy but Quinn announced. Go ahead Quinn. Yeah. If you want to go back into the government projects that the air force is running. They did original and fortran, but modern day, they're doing a lot of no j s which is server side, Java script, Haiphong and goaling and list, which is a lot of the stuff is done enlist. But it's mostly list. Python and Java script for like a lot of the quick server flips. But the old stuff was primarily written in fortran. Okay. That's that's a a lot of knowledge draft their IT people. They'd be interested in that type of stuff. Yeah. The own languages and stuff on those David stands quite significantly since I got my degree, and I've been doing other things so saying you're running plans and things like that as an industrial engineer. So I'll check into that a little bit more become more familiar. So they went client as is subject up again, I might be able to give substance, but it sounds awful. Awful lot. Like, you know, we were discussing during one crisis action team meeting about what they call the Nassir dominance effect. Where would give us multiple outcomes if we made this move, but we did this move. He didn't all. It was come up with different solutions for us to solve those problems come out on top. That was. Out. Yeah. And that that was the same system. And if you were in the air force, which, you know, thank you. You said you were that ran ran on the first air command parallel network that the parallel network to the the command and control systems that the air force had that. Triple C. Yeah. So so you would be millions with the parallel encrypted communications network that was running things. A program that was managed by the first air command. And that's right. So many amazing call thank you very much. Thank you for comfort. Family. Thank you. Tommy. Thank you confirms. A lot of our suspicions Glenn. I mean, you know, coming out of the woodwork there and giving us that information, you exchanging that information. I'm sure programmers in those out there that understand this are going to say, wow. This is information. You don't get anywhere else. Because you know, and and it's not to discredit Q. I want to make that clear is to show you just how it can be done. What is being done? And if you follow it. Yeah. Okay. Follow it. But you know, there's a lot of good. And there's a lot of bad. A lot of a non information a lot of nonsense, and you have to take the good with the bad and have a well rounded opinion of something and not follow it with some cult like zeal. I it just it doesn't work. And it's not meant to be like that. It's meant to be an information source is like a fountain of information that you can either reject or accept it's it's not a religion. But some people treat it like a religion, and they read into things, and it's just amazing how this is getting out of hand triple leaks seven three thirty seven hundred that's triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred more from Quinn. Michael's? Don't go away six hundred and ninety two point one FM..

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