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That's open Western one sports toe. Listen on, Alexa. 10 minutes and 58 seconds remaining in this second half. It's the big South championship between top seed Winthrop three. C. Campbell fighting candles. It has been basically a wire to wire lead for Winthrop. So far, they're up 14 right now, the officials are still taking a look at that foul that we Don't occur right before the time out. There was a turnover on open floor steal by Jesus Carol Arrow, and he was tracked down by Russell Jones. And as they tumble across the end line, Caroline we got up and really went after Russell Jones. He got his face a little bit. Carol Arrows from the hometown of Picasso, Pablo Picasso in Italy and what he said to Russell Jones will be hanging on anybody's wall. So they still have not adjudicated this, but yes, Well, I thought it was a clean play. I mean, every team is thought. Don't.

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