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Then other franchises that are trying to win and now tied haley your established ovens coordinators leaving what are you guys make of this wohlfart for the fact that he's leaving not overly surprisingly todd haley long long has a reputation of being he wears people down yes tough to work and it's tough to work with this is a jim harbaugh situation look how successful the forty nine overs were with jim harbaugh but good coach tough man conflict events rare rough personalities between people in in the upper management they had to harbour ahead to leave so as this is the similar thing atherton a nice thing for female will get a job to absolutely he will as he should the nice thing though for the steelers is it appears so far that the quarterback coach is most likely to take over that offense coordinator rope i love that because you have a team here who's been consistent you just read the numbers you know there was second third seventh and third the last four years in in often so i want consistency here's what i was hoping that the atlanta falcons would do last year when they lost shanahan was take their quarterback coach promote him keep that train chugging along all right reminder playoff challenge make your changes to your lineup rip my teeth i like where you guys have done you you guys were like okay that the teams you had chosen to head their evans saints yeah exactly and and and so now now that you're like okay amount of it the only way you can win is to go the exact leastlikely thing possible oh yes what are your teeth lowest ownership percentage players on the teams not expected to win the game eyles all all on jagr's jags in eagles i've got him up and down that's the super bowl i'm expecting bortles v full all we played given me a game give it to me all right without i don't think we have any other news you need to get into seles tug running backs.

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