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Movie cuties Josh, how you doing I'm doing. All right. How are you? I'm great man I'm doing already I. I actually was just on another. podcast to talk about this movie. So I guess I'm doubling down on my my my potential. God knows what but. Even Rosen leaning into controversy there you go. You got. But. This movie cuties on. Net. flicks is surrounded by all kinds of craziness but at its core though it is just a good movie that is caught up in a very specific moment right now I think and I you know I don't know that five years ago or five years from now that this would be as mired in controversy as it is. But I mean, you know you use that you'd be you know down to to do a conversation about this what were your initial thoughts on this thing? Yeah I mean I think to me watching this movie it was weird to think of this kind of controversy because. Like you said I don't think it would not only would. It may not have come up a few years ago I feel like it wouldn't even have come up now if Netflix's hadn't screwed up the market right at this is this is a movie that played at the Sundance Film Festival in January this not exactly an obscure film festival all lots of. Their lots of people wrote about it and there was no controversy and it was only because Netflix's put out this poster that presumably was even though they claimed it wasn't and they probably didn't anticipate this but was definitely meant to generate. Talk shows jet meant to generate attention if not controversy and to me like I thought this movie was was fine but it's a very familiar coming of age story. It's familiar I. Mean I've seen quite a few. We'll probably talk about this. You know French films about the the bandleader, the Paris suburbs, which is sort of their their version of like the inner city it's actually the outer city, but it's the same. You know the areas where there's a concentration of of poorer residents of immigrants, and there's been tons of movies like this. Not Maybe specifically about the exact subject matter but it was a very familiar kind of story to me and I thought it was done mostly well and I'm glad I watched it as a movie. But I feel like this is something where watching this my thought wasn't so much. Wow. A great movie. My thought was why is anybody care really about this? As as a controversy, but also as like a a really notable piece of aren't necessarily I thought it was it was solid and I'd be curious to see what this filmmaker does. Next and a lot of the things that that are tough to deal. With I thought she handled well, the things people are so outraged about I think this movie handles pretty delicately right for the most part but yeah, I, mean I think to me it was just It's one of those things that I it it's like. How did this happen? You know? And and it's just, I. Think what it is is just a snowball effect that at one thing goes online and then ninety nine percent of the people who decide that they're going to take this up with some sort of 'cause don't really know anything about it right or or care about that or want to know anything it. They're just looking for something to get outraged about or a tool to further whatever agenda they've decided is is important to them. In yelling at people online, which is what everyone does right now, right? Exactly. Yeah. I'm curious how many people who got offended by this movie have ever watched a French film to begin with. Right it's it's not just did you watch this movie right? It's do you watch movies? You're with yes. Yes. With French movies. Yes. With movies about. Immigrants or people in the inner city or whatever but just film. I feel like if you if you maybe if you've only ever seen a marvel movies or something like that that's your only reference point for film you might be have your mind blown that this kind of movie could exist right? It certainly was not mind blowing to me and that doesn't necessarily make it a bad movie. Yeah and I enjoyed it quite a bit actually and you know we'll get into a lot more of the specific things that people are so worked up about. The Way and we'll try to keep the conversation though I think mostly about what this show is about and film inspirations. But why don't we start jumping into supposedly pieces? What do you got for your first one? Well. My first one is a movie that generated very, very similar controversy and that's Larry. Clark's kids short which is an American film not a French film but is another movie that featured underage protagonists doing things that adults do not approve of, and that was cast largely with at the time with non actors, people that he found kind of in neighborhoods in New York City that he recruited I mean stars that Khloe Seventy and resigned Dawson who've gone on to be major stars but. At the time, we're just people sitting on a stoop in New York City sure and edit includes characters who are I. It's been a very, very long time since I saw this but I just kind of looking up online does include characters who are quite young. I mean the thing about this movie about cuties is that not only are these underage characters behaving sort of inappropriately is there really underage? They're not even teenagers but some of the characters and kids were nearly that young and so. I think similarly, that's a movie that set out to capture a sort of sense of honesty and realism. I. Mean Larry Larry Clark was maybe outside of that world but harmony Korean who wrote it at the time was also quite young and was immersed in the world that he was depicting and that kind of got overtaken by the controversy around it where people. Weren't paying much attention to the aesthetics of it but I think it has similar aesthetics in a similar goal in just being honest about, hey, here's what's happening and it's not that it's good but it's it's there and we want to look at it and we don't want you to look away from it right? Yeah. It it's definitely it's. It's a portrait of something that isn't shown in more mainstream movies normally or if it is it's shown with such a high. Level of Sheen or whatever that it it, it's not going to push any buttons or make people uncomfortable in the way that these two movies do. Right, I mean I think this movie is I mean as much as the controversy is overblown is meant to make you feel uncomfortable at certain course and I'm sure if this movie came out and no one anywhere was uncomfortable or upset I, feel like the filmmaker would probably feel.

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