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When I saw an interview with Tom Brokaw Hey says the current media is destructive it's doing nothing but spending twenty four seven talking about what's taking people off any startling mending the fact this this does worldly wise as we wait wait to go back and look at Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan was able to unify the country unified appealing country after the Vietnam War and after all this we was able to unify the in what universe how you got forty nine state lands unify the country the press hated his guts just like they hate trump at Brokaw doesn't remember that anyway he thinks the press is very destructive right now too many boy zero one stroke is there no idea what's true anymore and they're in a unilateral common set of this council that I have printed it I'm not as dominant get into more detail on that next week will make it back stop it to finish the center on trump hi I reminded I remind some people in the trump White House of this yes I think that to them trump's campaign in two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen yes all along the goal does it say it's only three four years ago but it is a lifetime ago and they are focused on a reelection campaign now that has a completely different set issues advanced parameters you name it but I wanted to remind them what they pulled off how would you stop and think about this folks a guy from our side the political spectrum I actually think trump is the embodiment by the way of the one of the tenants of the American dream that anybody can do anything in this country it's one of the things that official Washington hates about him he's not from them he's not from their world and their world is a very exclusionary and exclusive world if you're not in it you don't get to be in it and you certainly don't succeed in it if you try and here he calms and mops the floor with all of them they are very protective about their their their club their world and the fact that trump was able to get elected which is a public referendum it's a you know an election is on one level an expression of national popularity it's just sell them on their heels they still haven't been able to get over it but trump doing it should tell any of you that you can do anything you want in this country that it is possible it may be hard it may be unlikely and it may be something really against the but it can be done I I think it's the quintessential illustration of what many people think the American dream is because in the conventional wisdom is there's no way somebody like Donald Trump should get past first base in a presidential election but he hit a home run but go back to that trip down the escalator think about the things that he said about illegal immigrants think about the way he described them now he described them in language very common tech everybody who thinks negative way our or has the same attitude about illegal immigration people are worried about it it's it's not a race issue for people people are are worried about the destruction to our culture lack of assimilation the rule of law I mean these are people breaking the law nobody seems to care rule of law matters why are we looking the other way why are we letting this one could be will get a get a way to break a lot of money nose gets a Democrat voter registration plan so trust comes down the escalator and and doesn't hold back he got elected there's a that after that day I will guarantee you're not a single person in the drive by media or political class who watched his announcement for he had even a serious intent to get old nobody would ever say those things about people if they really intended to where he said I'm and he got elected and there's one other example of this the access Hollywood tape which NBC had for the longest time they held at my helmet my helmet may finally released it it came out in October there's nobody in politics should ever survived that on top of everything else and I told the people in trump campaign don't forget that you got elected there's a reason why there's a reason why you got elected saying those things describing that issue the way you did as a reason why you got elected it did not hurt the electoral effort for reasons I can't divulge simply because of privacy I had an inkling that trump was going to do this years in advance I don't know when don't misunderstand but when I saw him and make those speeches that comment of that speech I waited I I'll yeah I was all in that day and I had a lot of friends and I think I was nuts because the back to the ideal conservative Canas whatever ruby or cruise and going all in for trump a lot of people now love the guy hated his guts after that escalators beach for a host of reasons when I saw the first polls taken after that escalator speech and they were about two weeks after and I saw that trump was it thirty eight percent I just kind of smiled and I said he's going to win and I told anybody here in the studio that I thought it was going to win when I saw the first wave of polls after the escalator speech and when the access Hollywood video happened my concern was that there would be people in his campaign that would have banned them over that so I fired off a couple people that I knew when I did I didn't know a whole lot of people a campaign out but I fired off a note whatever you do do not let this change anything you're doing I said the American people are fed up with these October surprise as they are fed up this stuff is been out there for all these years and they just now release it the American people are fed up with their election being tampered with with the still but I told her surprises they've had a it isn't going to work I said do not worry about this it isn't going to work I don't know if they listen to me or not but I do know that the last debate with Hillary Clinton what in trump do he brought all of bill Clinton's women in and put him in the front row and I said this is over so the short answer to your question is yeah not only was I and early on supporter I was confident he was going to win but see I have an advantage over all the other people on cable TV they have no idea who the American people really are the American people are not their audience but the American people are my audience I have a similar bond with the people in this audience to trump has with his supporters and it enabled me to be confident to feel confident he was going to win and that the traditional things that happen in a campaign that because a Canada to lose support we're not going to cause him to lose support because he was that different he represented something desperately needed at the time and it wasn't just that he was an outsider but that was a big deal it was a massive assessed for him in terms of people viewing his qualifications the fact he was an outsider not part of the swamp not part of the the age old problem people were frustrated and fed up maybe being told one thing during campaigns and then the people telling them what they want to hear during campaigns after getting elected would never follow through on it once they were in office salt yeah I and I never did I could never entered in my field of vision the trump was or was not a conservative that was not a factor I knew I do you listen to him was not a liberal you can tell who the who we fought the the quote unquote enemies you can tell who we thought the opposition was it was the same people I think of the opposition the people he wanted to defeat are the same people life they need to be defeated and that added up to a great common bond I've known for a long time he's not a conservative ideologue but he has instincts and he lives his life as though he is one Sunday with the fact that he doesn't know Edmund Burke as that lives his life as a concert what which matters to the never trump is the fact that trump but no it had been Burke is disqualifies okay so he doesn't know intellectual conservative history and all that doesn't matter to me and he is following through there hasn't been one thing he's done so far that has let me down the turning on dammit as I haven't had one reaction to anything he's done dammit I got fooled dammit this is not good dammit I'm losing for that has not happened I don't know about you but it hasn't happened with me got to take a break hang on.

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