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Right for sure. Yeah like i said. I think when it's not like when it gets relying on like i said the halfback dive where it's kinda kinda just janas an eyesore in the middle. You know. I think you gotta embrace kristen drew for the you know. The shot creators. The playmakers at they are kind of let them get their touches because janas going to get his. You know what. I'm saying like no matter. What if this is not the focus of the offense. He's getting twenty five. You know what i'm saying like it's the it's the inevitable but when you let drew and chris of operate more janas more reliant on now. I'm not bailing anybody. I think that's one there. There are a lot better windy. We we shouldn't sugarcoat it. Like date and foul trouble completely changed the game. Because you know we talked about it after game to both of you and i were like. Let's not overreact. The buck should be okay here if they can get game three. They're right back into series and part of the reason we felt that was craig was injured at the time we recorded. It looked like you might. You might be out awhile. Starches already out like day. Just can't afford eight to get in fouled really anybody to get cultural but eight and in particular and you could tell like when they have crowder and eight both on the floor. They have two guys who like we can accept this matchup for janas and it doesn't destroy our defense and when one of them is off it's just like when the cross matches get all scrambled up the chances that he's just going to have a guy on them who's got no shot like cam. Johnson has no shot be killed bridges. An awesome defense lawyer awesome borderline defense just too skinny as absolutely no shot. Janas puts them in the basket and there was a play where both of them were off. The floor in the fourth quarter eighty ended up on booker with him because there was just nobody. They couldn't find tori. Craig was the guy who are trying to get on him and he just was like give me the ball. I'm dunking and it. Just you felt the lack of size. And just the lack of bodies that jaanus was worried about at all and eight and yet he was minus six but he was basting early in the game like he was. He was killing their switches. He was he had that great seal on drew holiday where he ducked in like what he felt like. He kind of pretend that he was going to go out. Sneak out of the plane. They duck back and got a post score and he might have been minus six. But kaminsky i think was minus twelve and fourteen minutes nater. No you know craig. No cam johnson was really only productive guy off the bench like that. That game is a different game. The the bugs probably still win it. But it's a different game of eight and can play fifteen more minutes. Yeah and cam. Johnson is going to be. He's in the ice bath right now. It's ira's because he kept getting on. Janas kept cameron him and they were begging for calls. But i dunno cam johnson. Not getting those calls and You know if. I'm the if i'm the You know if. I'm the box. I'm like all right. I now. we know what our game plan is. Every time he leaves the floor. We go attack that way. Because i don't think they can play kaminsky and they're they're gonna feel it with the law. Society is going to be start is going to be really start to be felt because the bucks figured out how to how to handle it without. Yeah for sure. I agree i agree completely. I think the adjustments that they've made as the as these games of went on really made a big impact on the series so far and Yeah i mean. That's what i would do right. Just keep having you on this touches down low until they give you a reason to not And like you said it's obviously a different ball game. I haven't played in the playoffs yet. But you know. I know from the regular season when you're not you're not at home. The calls aren't as as favorable so it's going to be hard to get those calls. The funny thing is so so scott foster work the game tonight. Who's chris paul's nemesis all. Wendy scott foster alert scott five drink but they were way. I'm sure the suns fans are furious at the officiated which find. That's what happens when two fans when they lose. They're getting officiating and the players. I'm sure diaries. But it wasn't even foster tonight. The the the sons were mad at the other. Two officials. Eric lewis and james williams And so Foster didn't even play a significant factor in this one but I do. I definitely think that. If you're milwaukee you look at how this game played out and you can't count on devon booker going three or fourteen. I understand that you can't count on an eight and getting into foul trouble You can't count on smuggle things that happened in this game mean overall. The sons are nine of thirty one on three. So you know just a road shooting road shooting game but there's some there's some traction there and Game four to one act as you said what often happens in series words to one game. Four game four whenever game. Four the series it changes obviously every game gets has carries an escalating importance. Because once you get to six and seven obviously competitive series game four is the tone definer like this is either going to be a good series or like tyree said phoenix is gonna win and it's like you're probably not coming back from three one down when the other team has home court advantage so game four is like what kind of series is this. Going to be retirees. You i wanted to ask you and you actually hinted that it before. I don't know you at all. It's the first time we've taught. But i've talked to a lot of people about your game and and your approach to the game. I've watched lots and lots of your games for sacramento. I love watching you play. You're a super high q. player. So i'm wondering as as a guy who was a rookie for a team who missed the playoffs but has pretty aggressive playoff ambitions. When you watch now that you've been in the league and played like you said regular season games when you watch the playoffs whether it's this series or other series what sticks out to you is like okay. I can see the difference between playoff basketball and.

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