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Next coach, David phys Dale is in Latvia, meaning Kristaps Porzingis interesting today to move from here. Feels wonderful, sunny. Everything about Latvian. Wonderful. I think this is nice. We saw right? We've seen coaches go to our you to meet players, get joy porzingus. You're never gonna. Enjoy that. I was going to say canton joined Latvia with biz. You can't do. That is certainly true too. I've also spent time with Kristaps family and no, not no. In New York City. His mom and dad, they are charming. I'm sure that they are giving is a fantastic, welcome in his mom really cooks really well. So interested in she cooks food. I'm interested in getting to report from fizz when he gets back, welcome to the jump. I'm Rachel Nichols. Are. Famer Jackie McNulty match is bad, like people are gonna start amazing around here. We've also got Anthony Davis dropping and a little bit later we've gotten the Knicks and his canter coming by later zinc's full house today, baton. So July has become this huge month in the NBA for free agency and trades. One word that comes up time and time again is loyalty. You know, all the click, bait, headlines, the ones asking players like Kevin Durant or LeBron James should have been more loyal to their old cities and fans instead of switching to new ones. Or you have those situations when a player is stunned and upset by trade other guys around the league pour onto social media saying how cold or unfair the situation is which in turn is often meant by fans writing back that it's a business and, hey, you guys make a lot of money. Of course. It's actually not remotely that simple on either side. And the reason is this July is not the sum total of the NBA calendar, not. Even quotes month after month after month. In this league, you have players being asked to spend thousands of hours, pouring their hearts and souls and bodies into a team by definition to be able to win players have to form strong bonds and chemistry with the guys around them. They are asked to get deeply involved in their communities and criticized when they don't. And when they get hurt, we asked them to literally cut open their knees and shoulders so they can continue to play. And on the other side, you have coaches spending every one of their waking hours obsessing, how to help.

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