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For fifty per se meaning tax payers of paying for fifty percent of the taxpayers in the not paying taxes is that economically it is a mistake to deal which shop reductions in taxes now greenspan told fox business on thursday it said i quote we are we are a premature on fiscal stimulus whether it's tax cuts or expenditure increases we've got to get the debt stabilise before we can even think of of those terms greenspan said the that nobody is going to change what's going on in washington at this point you're not going to go to donald trump is trump i am alan greenspan you know hawaii us uh i'm a smart guy and i think you should listen to me i don't think we should give the american people i don't think we should give the tax uh companies the tax deduction we just saw what happened the g uh they they cut they cut the dividend by 50 percent so i think it was twenty five cents i think the cut a twelve and thirteen sand now that is a significant decrease they lost one hundred million dollars in market share 100 million die or more in that could be mistaken by that nominee but it was pretty significant village probably worse the number i'm giving you it said that stands in stark contrast with your jean please whole lower taxes by trump who during the campaign dodd himself as the king of how do you w self is the king of dat i quote trump argues that americans economy i called desperately needs massive tax cuts that's what trump is saying but how do we compete with the rest of the world that's what you asked asked the alan greenspan but alan greenspan as saying yes we have to compete with the rest of the world but we have to be smart about it and not on seed a tax deduction i don't see the deductions and spending that's going to solve this.

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