Packers, Mark Tauscher, Tom Brady discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Lindsley Davante Adams, David Bach Chiari, Kenny Clarke, Aaron Jones to Mo Williams, Mason Crosby. They all have one thing in common. They were all drafted by former Packers general manager Ted Thompson, who passed away on Wednesday night at the age of 68. Packers Hall of Famer Mark Tauscher reacts real quiet. Not what you not what you feel from a lot of other G m's words about the moves that he's making in the splash things and it's about it was always about The packer way. Packer people. And You know for the guys that played for him. You know, I think we all understood whatever he was doing. It was because it was going to help the Packers went. He will certainly be present at this weekend's and F C championship game on the field. The Packers defense is gonna have its hands full trying to slow down Tom Brady and the Buccaneers offense If given time, Brady will pick you apart. Certainly he's got such a great field, so He knows when to get the ball out. If whether you're Russian, four or five. It doesn't matter if he feels that rush. He gets the ball out of his hands. And conversely, if you're Russian for and you're not hitting home Hold the ball as long as he needs to tell our people to get open. That is Packers head coach Matt in the floor kickoff for Sunday's NFC title game set for two or five coverage here on WTMJ starts at 11, and we've got a speciality show tonight from 68, you know, Target Tampa coverage Greg Matic and gave night so we'll have you covered this evening after Wisconsin's afternoon news. In basketball 25 points. 12 rebounds, three assists from this man. Not good enough to get the job done for the box. Back it up on Marcus All the three point shot. It's up. No good. Long rebound, Johannes will pick it off hard to the ramp with the left hand Throw down. Good.

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