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The twelve in three vikings putting themselves closer to locking up a first round by with a sixteen nothing shut out of the green bay packers because likes first shutout since december 93 ninety six ravens currently the fifth seed in the afc they allowed to the cult's 23 sixteen baltimore one victory away from clinching a playoff berth to inform giants are at the six and a carnal today tried to avoid the most losses the franchise history more reps for rookie thirdstring quarterback davis wet this week of practice but interim head coasties fag nomo plants and keeping the quarterback inactive told you before these hours preparing late who's gonna via a tool movie in playing the game so the preparations the same poet just wanted to make sure we got him some some few mccaw 425 ready here the fan giants came day a to ten 509 nine jets close out their home scheduled this afternoon against the seventy seven chargers according to the daily news gangrene intending on keeping mohammad wilkerson al spencer ding when he a careerhigh twenty six points for the nets but it wasn't enough the guard missed the game winning three in overtime pacers one in the won twenty three 119 brooklyn coughing up nineteen point please wait a great guy we deserved to win this game and our estimation i mean obscenity pedigree i'm tony got to win so credit to them as well it's always tough i are you really should have won a granger loses or two straight the latest three to the visiting maple leaves michael grabbed there's game tying goal and the third was challenge an overturned because kevin hayes was all sides devils with three first period tally sent the blackhawks cory crawford of the bench jersey a four one victory over chicago at the rock islanders getting a hattrick from rookie matt bars beat the jets five to a partly center armed forces ball went to army forty 235 over san diego state.

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