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Gluten free and delicious Michigan Food in Bali. So make sure you check that out and then a lot of you have been asking yes. I am taking new clients so if you are interested in working together on some digestion then got or homeowner issues without slipping back into the kind of Yo-yo dieting cycle or just feeling like you're on and off the wagon constantly while trying to figure this stuff out because unfortunately even when you're trying to work with therapeutic elimination diets to deal with some of these conditions. That is kind of what happens if you do it on your own without support and you have a history of Yo Yo. Dieting like most of us do so. If you're interested in learning more about working together just shoot me an email. It's real food with Dana at G MAIL DOT COM And I will be sure to get back to you other thing to look forward to in terms of fun things coming on the blog is I am working on some fun giveaways coming up for the holidays with you guys and I'm also going to be working on a holiday gift guide that I do each year with a bunch of like sales and discounts on all of my while not all of them a lot of favourite products products and services. That I've been able to snag for you guys so a lot of fun things coming. Look for all of that over on the blog at real food with Dana Dot com again. And and now let's talk about some CBD if you guys have any questions on last week's episode or if you still have more questions about CBD after this part or to episode because again this is part two so make sure you listen to last week's episode episode ninety three where we really talked about like the basics of CBD WANNA one. If you have more questions send them through the podcast question submission on my website or you can send me an email. Send Medina on instagram. Whatever you want to do to get in contact with me because if you guys have more questions I wanna get someone on the podcast? Who is an expert like meg to answer them still? Please let me know the last time we.

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