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Good morning everybody handle here as we continue with handle on the news on this Thursday morning Jennifer Wayne and be well the governor has said you know what P. Jeannie if you don't get your stuff together I'm just going to take you over wishing for it anyway their entry bankruptcy and the governor is trying to stop the bankruptcy or put it in there I have to judge instead of allowing the board of directors instead of allowing PGA need to reorganize under the current management at Newsome says get them all out and that the we want to change P. Jeannie completely or the state will take it out Jane wells I just talked to her this morning she actually talked to the governor yesterday about this specifically and she said she tried to pin him down on how much is this going to cost and he said I have an idea in my mind I'm not gonna tell you right now because they don't have exactly all the facts then she said also as a socal Edison customer why do I care about this and is in this eventually it's the state taking something over so eventually aren't going to have to pay for it of course and she said that it's sort of caught him off guard she said I don't think he was expecting that question and he just said that like in other words almost we'll just wait I'll give you the specific price soon as I'm ready and then you wonder how efficient the state can run a utility yeah his is a utility being either totally private Clydeside private I. L. A. D. W. P. for example I don't think is a private concern I think it's a quiet sigh the municipal organization much like the airport commission right you know the way LA access right well three are arrested after the FBI raids a church in van Nuys over human trafficking it's the kingdom of Jesus Christ Church it is out of the Philippines and what these people are accused of doing his side people would join the church and they would basically turn them in to finalize a fund raising the indentured servants making them go around to raise money and beating them and abusing them psychologically for didn't make quotas and they would work for no money remember the R. Hari Krishnas at the airport yes that model although they were to be used in you could leave many times so I don't want analogize that but I think the people joined the temple and for free would spend hours at the airport around street corners site with Safran robes and I chant you know what actually was started by a guy named Harvey Christian man I saw people if you listen you would be they be chanting Harvey Krish men Harvey Krishnan Harvey Harvey heads wherever prepare your homework based on what bill Handel says great yes that's great okay you guys normally wouldn't bring up a police chase I know that we're covering this in traffic however this police chase that went from Long Beach to San Pedro the guy got the I don't know how you put this but they got a minute pit maneuver and the car spun somehow while the car is still spinning the guy bails out of the car he's it as younger tall guy it looks like but he got out of the car and he has just run into somebody's house and they're still out there yeah Jim self he's inside this yellow house that you're looking at right now and do they know is anybody there I don't know he just and they don't know if he has a weapon or not no he just got out of the car and ran in and win in the back door this house I know you were watching this in real time as which is how Jan works she does fifteen things at one time the news reads it watches what's going on follows everything I so at least that the the chase is over and now this is a spin at him in the house that's just it that's why I stopped because they know where he is they know where he is but who knows who's in this house well it's not going to mention it's six forty in the morning and some guy just bills in your back door yeah and I'm willing I'm assuming people are home most people aren't crazy enough to work our our our hours and their door was open because he was able to go right at so anyway sorry this is my slight distraction there no alright man in Mississippi has been accused of faking his own death to avoid child rape charges now this guy's been added to the U. S. is list of fifteen most wanted fugitives and he's wanted on suspicion of sexual battery touching a child for all kinds of different discussing resent reaping impregnating his step daughter and teenage step daughter and yeah although he's out there now and they don't know where he is Colorado Nevada Louisiana Mississippi he's a survivalist yeah I mean I mean down there in the woods and you can be there we are a quite at mankind they usually catch those guys so you know there are too many people although I can't Bundy how long was Ted Bundy doing his thing out in that little cabin in the middle of no kissing ski yeah yeah yeah not Bundy I yeah although trying to figure out where in who it wise was years in the making but those people aren't that easy to catch although they usually do it just takes a while the more they the more they stay completely off the grid the much harder it is to get him down our postal worker in Virginia felt so much pressure to deliver all the mail that he ended up renting a storage space and stuck it in there instead he's pleaded guilty to charges of delay of mail and he's set to be sentenced on February twelfth he just was overwhelmed right which mail there was to deliver and he could get up to five years I don't think he's going to cause a chest pressure or and he didn't keep Padian steel lady in open at and only out of the five thousand pieces ninety seven were first class the rest of it was junk mail good interface say though if they wanted to nail and that he did keep it he did steal it but he technically wasn't it it's kind of obvious that he put it away and he said he intended deliver so I think they're gonna have a tough time with intent to criminal intent on this one well I don't know I think it's fascinating I mean that's why I've never works well that's why it's only delay of mailing not theft of mail right yeah all right the odds take a break come back I got a great story about cats your account person aren't you I'm an animal person I happen to have a cat because I live in a condo and I don't have a yard so doc would be very problematic understood all right taking a break we'll come back and do plenty more Jennifer Europe sixteen people in the ID been arrested in a drug bust prosecutors say the drug trafficking ring use post offices to ship large amounts of cocaine and other narcotics across the country one of the biggest LGBTQ groups in the nation as the doors people to judge for president equality California and its partner group and if that is the the former south bend Indiana mayor who is openly gay has the most in depth plans to project LGBTQ youth in schools and end the HIV epidemic and K. F. C. is trying out plant based chicken be on meet says it's gonna supply beau fried chicken next month to several gay of these stores in Tennessee in North Carolina the meat is eighty calories per piece looks kind of like a fried chicken nugget and when they tested it late last year sold out in less than five hours we'll take a look at your commute with VK of eye in the sky and check your drive back over this crash the suspect pursuit is ended in San Pedro but now it's a whole.

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