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Think it's important for us to complete the border wall said that for some time at the same time, I wanna see government opened again, a lot of people are are hurting and more people will be hurting if we don't get the government open. So I'm working with with others in an attempt to do our very best to get the government opened again and also to secure the funding to complete the border wall. Yeah. Secure the funding. That's good. Mitt Romney seems to be there. Now, here's what I say. We do I say right now, the president should name people. He trusts like Senator Lindsey Graham like Senator Rob Portman. No, not to be firebrands, but level. Headed cut a deal, but conservatives Rob Portman for Ownby guy underbush longtime Senator now, I think two terms or three is Ohio in Ohio Brigham in their bring Sherry Brown. Whoever. Maybe he's running for president who don't do that dick Durbin on the other side. And Joe Manchin, and maybe center Lahey who knows and just say guys, I'm giving you permission to cut a deal because as long as I've been doing this show, which is nine years and doing television for twenty two years at FOX we've gotten very close to massive immigration reform, Republicans for the most part have been harder to deal with the Democrats. You now have a president looking to do a deal go for. I'm not saying that twenty million here illegally get citizenship. But you could store with Dhaka. Now. People writing me already saying, Brian you crazy. They came here legally, it's underwriting bad behavior. Let's go to negotiation in negotiations. You have to give and take when's the last time you bought a house. You have a punch list of twenty five things. I gotta get those tiles fixed on the back of the house. So I got a problem with the grill. There's some rusting there's some rusting around the meter and in the end you handed over to the homeowner. And the homeowners got decide either I handle this punchless punchless make them a offer. Do they want to write the check and do the fixes? No. But do they wanna make the sale? Yes. This is what has to happen. Give and take. And then our show is about who got the better deal as opposed to who's going to win the next election because I'm a little tired of that whole conversation in terms of doing the whole emergency action. It makes us look in a country, and it's just going to underline the anger between. In the to the next thing up, whether it's infrastructure security reform is is gonna be both sides digging. And saying you got me last time, I'm going to get you this time who does that help? Nobody. Hey, let me tell you, Angie. Andrew Jackson miracle of New Orleans for many of our new affiliates. The books out on paperback, go out and pick it up. And if you want to get it signed and personalized for any big event, coming your way, go to Brian Kilmeade dot com. That's also we could sign up for the recaps of every show like this one, including sound soundbites you sign up for condensed. It comes right to your Email box four free. Big our next to your phone calls, then one of the deepest thinkers out there. Ian, Bremmer he is watching secretary of state, Mike Pompeo continued to speak in a historic way in Cairo Egypt about failures over the past eight years in foreign policy, and how this administration's different, but after the prison abruptly and inexplicably decided to weeks ago that I'll be pulling troops out of Syria. He's got he'll some rough patches to house. He. Doing we'll play some soundbites and take your calls and discuss it with the in Bremmer. This is the Brian Kilmeade show. Wf holding.

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