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Or five zero three seven three three and it's the live sunday edition of the show with you here tonight you've got ian john ray and mark still to come i've have this in my show for a couple of days and with all hurricane coverage we just haven't had a chance to get to it yet but the echo facts hack this is pretty big tech news because that could involve your private or what you thought was private data right yummy real choice as to whether or not you participate in something like that you don't get into a coming up here moments gin tollfree number is eight 55 450 free like freedom if you want to join us here we were talking about the other news last night we talked about the people who were being forced into hurricane shelters that is homeless folks in miami will apparently in polk county the sheriff there has issued a notice saying that if you are a sex offender then you're not allowed in the shelters at all while you they have a shelter for you it's the county jail county jail yeah you think they're let you check into the county jail if you don't actually you know you're not wanted for something yeah yeah that's that's exactly what they're doing really yes they have cells for them while they're not in population you can't bring in a big old bag we'd or something but yes you have ugo ugo sit in the cells i'll bet you they close the doors to interesting i didn't know that part about it because all day were reporting on here was just the sheriff in polk county just tweeting out so obviously 100 and forty characters he didn't get any detail in their about they're doing this is as i understand it more than one place i mean that's not terribly uncommon in florida essentially that's what they have to do because the sex offender could not legally go to a shelter now most places probably aren't going to check because.

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