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See fans in the stands but you're going to have these players come back. Yeah mcq love. Police said this earlier in the week but this college football need fans more than the. Nfl feels like a fan of event in some way feels really weird to think of college football without a pack stadium. It would be weird to have college game day. Go to college campus. And then there's no people holding up silly sign's behind them so yeah. The atmosphere with college football certainly separates from most sports. You need that at that college. Football brings more atmosphere than any other sport. Any other fan base sample. I saw story in Sports Business Journal about a week ago. That said this mclovin level and lower level college. Football teams rely on the gate a lot more because they're TV deals are not massive. If you're like University of Illinois football you want sixty five thousand can get them in there. Because that's that's where your money is. You don't get as much of that big ten pot pie and you're not going to the big ten title game that money and the BCS Games where you make all your money. Alabama can afford people not coming to games. Lsu could afford people not come into games because of their T. deals and BCS MONEY. So the trying to figure this out if you're running a university and you're going to say we want our football team to come back. When can you come back? When when can you provide the safeguards? Let's say you're saying to the parents of these players. How do I know they're they're safe is? Are you going to testing for everybody you know the NBA wants to do this and have testing for everybody. We don't have testing for everybody. But we're going to get testing for basketball players to play at Walt Disney resort. I love to be idealistic. I like to think positive with this. I JUST. I can't help but think what the reality is right now and June I is. That's a month away and we're talking about that they're gonNA come back and resume practicing. It just seems aggressive and it feels like that is a date that is just begging to be changed to. On further review. June fifteenth is when. We're GONNA come back here. Bob Costas will join US coming up. Phone calls welcome eight seven seven three. Dp show email address. Dan Patrick Dot Com. Yes issue crushing. Kevin Warren is the new big ten cloudy Sky Gye last June. He took the job. Bob Step Down Bob Delaney. Jim glennon Jim Dillon. Here thinking Bob Dole's Bob Dole's be no relation to Jim delaying right and Kevin. Warren is in the seat of the big ten. Yes mclovin I sorry. That was a kid situation. Oh I don't know if the other remote guys have that I I'm so sorry. What's the situation? So one of the kids wanted to snack. And the problem is when they rutted through the pretzels. And if you call you can hear that right into my mind. I still go back to when I did the show at home on a Friday when I was at ESPN and we build a studio up in my attic and it sounded great. You couldn't tell that I wasn't on campus and so I'm there when we were on one to four eastern and and it was only on Friday and I. I hear this knock on the door and it's a really polite knock and so I I. You know somebody knocking. But I'm on the air and I can't do anything about and then I opened the door or no. I get ready to get up and I see a note that goes underneath the door and I walk over and it says Lou eight EMINEM now lose. The dog and Eminem was spelled like the rapper. Eminem I think my dog is ingested a CD. And I'm on the air during a commercial break. I opened the door. And then my daughter Grace's outside she goes dad. I didn't want to interrupt you. But Lou eight am and I said did he eat a CD. She goes no no he ate an EMINEM. I what spelled like M. and m. not the and she goes oh okay but he swallowed an eminem. I go is he. Okay yeah he is now he threw it up and I go all right. Honey thank you thank you and then you go back on the air and you're going and it's great to be home. I've heard that a few times. Dogs can't eat chocolate. What's that about? Is that true dogs are not supposed chocolate. Yeah it's like poisonous for them really. I've heard that you have to eat a lot of it. I think. Oh I've heard that a few times when people don't give a dog chocolate. Yeah I never heard that All right we'll stop feeding your dogs chunk. Yeah yeah going to take a break here. Bob Costas Join US COMING UP..

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