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Free. So a lot of debt and that was like very fortunate without k., you just Kinda live paycheck to paycheck. datings and you you push from there so I had see savings, and just of kept it simple. Mckay at that top, and so the President Barack Obama for president. That's that trip happened. was that before or after and it was it as a result of? The middle of business school and Business. School was still by far the hardest two years of my life because I went to. I went back to her. Good for business. Soul I'm so. My company was in New York So I'm a full time business school student before time CEO I'm commuting five hours or five hours every single week for two years. For the five hours each way, so we're more like eight to ten hours each week for two years and I went to business school beyond the kind of pressure. My parents I mentioned this school per exactly what we just highlighted. It wasn't the networking a lot. People go for networking. I went because I have found myself injuring rooms. You know as the head of the company where I didn't feel confident that I. That I would be prepared right like. Ten if being twenty twenty five years experience in the and I would always sit there with accurate -hension that if you that they might say. that. They may ask me something that I should have but I jumped. And what business school did. Was Keep me this crash. Course in all presidents always business cases all these kind of ways of thinking through problems, these different frameworks in a way that showed me kind of like okay will. This is the standard copyright looking at? So when you walk into a room now, you have confidence of saying. You know I'm not going to know everything I'm not trying to know everything. But I went to an institution that gave me a very well regarded framework of how people think about business where he top, CEO's leaders went to school. And how they kind of driven the overall industry driven the Trans so now I can just sit there and be comfortable in knowing what I dumped now an aging in building. And so that was an amazing amazing seamus valuable thing I don, but in terms of the pressure on my on my mind soul on my body fact that entered when I was twenty four. Which I now know is, it's crazy, yeah! Or twenty four again like an Amazon Pretty accomplished twenty four year olds, but. You. Simply just don't know. kind of your personal boundaries and how to guide yourself for success, so I gained like fifty pounds. It was just. It was a really hard time, but at the end of the day I'm still able to kind of inch four and and get more kind of notoriety. To forward and I think most importantly one is I needed to learn to refine. My is a song for scale and most people who go to business school like you kind of suspend all reality and you let go of work. If you're going fulltime, you let go of side projects, and you're just there to experiment those three years within the resources of that school within all the experiences so too. I just want to emphasize just to carry on a side business to be traveling and working. Is. A really effete you know not many people take that on, and so I'm so I. Understand that the work ethic. You have to have in the pressure and the reason why you would have gained weight doing that because that is an immense amount of pressure in work in. Talk about what the team looked like as well so at this point you, you talked about you to whittle it down. Was Everyone on the same page? You gone from being undergrads coming up with a fun project to really recognize that. Hey, we have something here. What does that look like as far as shifting it into a business now will the team. The team has kind of changed as I better understood the needs of the company in what we're trying to do. So when the company was, I sounded Right after I had left my job before I, joined business school. We couldn't afford to pay had no money, so everyone was in turn had like ten insurance. I have an office of the main places you would be would be my studio. Jesse. Laboratories well. Hotel lobbies where we find that. The fancier hotel lobbies have free water. And sometimes we go to like the Arctic club which was horrible. They need you dress up. And that was not the the start advice Managed in that way, and you know like a class of. Some, were not as helpful others were helpful. Another great of that I Inter Class hiring when they did get some capital about two to three individuals, one of whom became head of product for freeze. That was cool. It was my age at that time. We're just trying to launch the product actually. Successfully in a way that could be scaled. Business School. It was kind of mix of understanding what goes into the prototyping the office cure really difficult products could it's not only embedded it also has to be soft durable on all these different things, and so it was kind of shifting in understanding that in launching different programs launched our curriculum during next time we'll figure it out that he made the most distributors product of Education Solutions, so that people fees, it something that would actually saw a bigger problem which never intended right, never intended that will be playing soccer nonstop. We're jumping rope nonstop infrastructure. It was designed to educate to inspire. Provide some kind of immediate lease in the poorest communities. So we built on a curriculum during this time has multi. Forward, but during business school is. It. On I realize that. The! It still didn't feel a thing that was close enough to solve the problem. We were definitely reaching people inspiring people. The business school we ended up doing quite a few projects with the the kind of like a fourth or fifth generation of socket Berry. And we were able to. Work with different communities actually start to see efficacy in the way that we were affecting how people stay in terms of their creative confidence to solve. The problem ended up distributing over fifty thousand units of the products right after that I graduated from business school. It was the specific class. I took called the building in sustaining successful enterprises. and. One of the first questions they asked you in that class is what is the job to be? And argue very simply am very..

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