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It's 7 O 8 slower clock trains found Michael and son and get $100 off a trained cleaning today. Jack Taylor is in the traffic center, we had sounded like a crash may have been quickly moved out of the roadway two 70 going southbound the delay near the monocacy heads to a point just before route 80 X to 26. It had been blocking the left lane state highway crews say they'll all lanes now open. Checking northbound on two 70 in the local lanes, north of montrose headed up toward falls road. Sounds like a medical emergency. An earlier crash 95 southbound after route 100, that got moved over onto the shoulder. Baltimore Washington Parkway has got a delay as you leave 100 headed down toward one 75, then just having moving through Laurel were a little busier and Chevrolet 50 going westbound as you pass two O two, headed toward Columbia park road. Look good south of town though, in a loop without delay joint base Andrews all the way down toward the Wilson bridge. Top side out of the we are getting slower from 95, headed over toward George avenue. New Hampshire avenue in your crest haven drive in Silver Spring, a reported wreck out toward jessup as well. One 75 near Brock bridge road we'd had word of a crash. All right, you're going to find you're looking good on the beltway in Virginia between Alexandria and mcclain, little heavy, interloop around two 36, 66 have been a briefly delayed east in manassas towards centerville, then at the beltway, inner loop is heavy, two 36 toward gallows road, 95 looking pretty good. Falmouth in towards Springfield, you may find a break later to in woodbridge, then again in lorton. Three 95 so far without trouble, leaving the bell way up toward the 14th street bridge. There was a crash and a vehicle fire in manassas, Purcell roads closed between dumfries road and cons road. All right, the one issue in the district we know of in northwest, Georgia avenue at Randolph street, we'd had reports of a crash, save more a giant this weekend salmon fillets are just 8 97 a pound and fresh asparagus is only a dollar 97 a pound. Plus, pick up his free. Start your order today at giant food dot com. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. And our forecast with Mike's Jennifer the remnants of E and are coming our way, going to be cloudy today. It's going to turn windy. We'll see rain developing this afternoon and that rain may be heavy at times by sunset. We'll get up to a high in the mid to upper 60s. Rainy and windy tonight The Rain heavy at times some areas you can see over two inches of rain are low as 55 to 60. Rain and wind on Saturday, The Rain moderate at times, highs out of mid 60s. Brace you with shower Sunday and Monday, it'll stay cool. We'll be in the load of his 60s. I'm strong team for a meteorologist by stunning 56 and hyattsville, 48 in Fredericksburg

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