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About an hour 405 is still struggling as per usual this time of mourning in the southbound direction from state route five to seven past the raw fivetotwo and again through kirkland northbound 405 struggling through renton and newcastle looking at the usual sticky traffic right now on northbound i5 through federal way and tukwila and again midboeing field to the convention center travel time federal way to seattle will also take you close to an hour as well our next report at seven fourteen i'm john nelson komo news a look at the weather now for that here's meteorologist shannon o'donnell well we're reading easier round here today is the smoke in the low visibility continues to move out of here a cleansing shower or two possible today as well temperatures on either side of seventy and a few pizza bluesky coming through between this scattered showers as we slide to a week and the first had actually looks damp which will further clinton the atmosphere and increasing kids for rain tomorrow after the lunch hour and has just in the upper 60s in the komo weather center i'm meteorologist shannon o'donnell reports of some thunderstorms in the bremerton area where it's 63 foggy in bellingham right now and 60 here in downtown seattle cloudy skies and 66 near the church ourselves moving to the north had to get him some heavy rain the right now in this equality sherry it's moving up port toward port gamble poured ludlow in areas to the north and let's continue with our 20 minutes of nonstop news komo news time 707 well here we are on the brink of another season of seahawks football and just as in previous years desire to see a game at centurylink fight field remains high and so does the price of a seat of the socalled aftermarket combos corwin haeck has been looking into this and report on the brisk trade and previously purchased tickets to see hawks home season is sold out that said you'll have little trouble getting into a game if you're willing to pay janine tournant or analyzes trends for ticket reseller vivid seats dot com she says the seahawks are 21st out.

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