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Program believing in isolation ism and protectionism is a huge ever says i glimmer cold breaks it has led to a new spirit of unity in the eu twenty seven and she says she cites a european employment the highest in a decade i should say talking about the twenty seven th that priority is their own future briggs it or not so those of the banking lines full chancellor angela merkel okay let's get a quick bit of sport history towns england will world cowinner will greenwood thinks new a little improve the team for the second test against the british and irish lions on saturday the all blacks have brought in sucking the whole o on the wing and until lena brown center after winning the opening match an old watch win in wellington sales the series round wall of europa league qualifying gets underway this evening with hosted british teams playing their first like ranges take a look sandberg progr as need a corn ulsan jumps general against fk truck i of lithuania the international facing of buffalo to squeeze all of his matches in after raindisrupted attorney so far this week british numberone johanna konta is likely to have to play twice today a few weeks french open champion yelena of the penn in round three markets willisch and book his place in the main draw wimbledon lighter for the second year in a row euphrates ilya martchenko ukraine are forgetting props liam brody and allied much last night willisch we've beaten by roggio fredra in the second round on centrecourt last year okay that is your sports we're going to discuss markets next this is bloomberg daybreak things for ever wonder why weddings is so expensive white brexit was we want about china did you know that an economics professor uses broadway musicals to illustrate his lectures the bloomberg benchmark podcast is about all that much more join host stem moss kate smith and scotla lambin for a weekly jargonfree dive into the top stories that try the global economy find it on the bloomberg terminal bloombergcom itunes soundcloud and.

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