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This haven't. Mattress in a box. Warren g makes perfect sense Israel. All right. So we already knew that HAMAs course. Choice eager was dealing with rehab for Tommy John surgery. He missed basically all he's been out since April of this season. We just recently learned though that he is going to have left hip surgery arthroscopic, they say he will be able to resume baseball activities in January. But now you're looking at issues with core Segers elbow. You're looking at issues with his hip, or we're gonna find out actually in about fourteen minutes with the make of all this talking with Dr clap as we get worse, show best show on the station. And is your favorites for time favorite wake up early on Saturdays for that surfing talk low meniscus talk. How does this though, affect what goes on this off season with Manny Machado, who they already have openly said, we are interested in bringing him back if possible. So only twenty six years old. He is one of the best hitting shortstops in baseball, but. But the dodgers typically do not give those type of three to four hundred million dollar deals that it's being estimated he would get. He put Seger at second, you put Turner. Third, Machado short when I got this new guy from Cincinnati, right? Those are. He's been crushable. He's on. He's on an expiring deal. He comes to recite him to, he'd been amazing, eight.

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