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It going okay well you know i think it's a great idea and i'll tell you why new jersey has a stellar record of corruption particularly in the area law enforcement just the other day to catterson police officers got arrested by the fbi for robbing people and doing a bunch of things they shouldn't have been doing i think it's great because especially a lot in these inner cities in new jersey have a lot of corruption in the police department sturdy city newark camden so i think it's great that citizens can keep an eye on the police obviously if the double edged sword but having the opportunity to you know see what cops are doing and that's the reason because i mean if if you're only recourse once you see something is to then call the very cops where's that really gonna lead yeah but if it's on video i mean that's that's pretty much that's indisputable so even if you you know decide to call the cops if you have it on video you can't really argue with video so you think this is good because citizens then can use police own camera to somehow bust bad police well you know we have a problem with that police in new jersey and somebody's gotta keep an eye on them so i figured you know you gotta have a way to look at them as the cameras help then i don't see a problem with it all right steve thanks for calling new jersey one yeah i don't know the police in the world the canvas.

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