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The choo. Choo trains. Thomas the tank engine. About Thomas the tank engine complaining that had been co opted by the politically correct agenda and a graphic that she used was pictures of these Thomas the tank engine characters wearing KKK hoods. This was something that a number of NRA donors and board members thought was totally bonkers. They went to the NRA and said what on earth are we doing what does this have to do with the second amendment? How does this help our agenda that was an important moment in sort of this broader flash point about how is the NRA spending its money. How is Ackerman McQueen relating to the NRA's mission? And it's just a piece of the turmoil. That's been roiling the group for quite some time. This is only part of the story because while all of this is going on with the NRA based in Virginia. And they're meeting was in Indianapolis. They're also under investigation in the state of New York where the new York Attorney General Latisha James announced this weekend that she's opened an investigation into the. As tax exempt status. Why is she doing that? What's the basis for that? And why now so the NRA's headquartered in New York, which means that they are based in of course, the jurisdiction of that state headquarters. They have a big giant headquarters in northern Virginia. They do they have a big building in northern Virginia. Where a lot of their work gets run out of. But from a corporate perspective chartered there. Yeah. Exactly chartered in New York. So they are square in James's jurisdiction. Now when James was campaigning to be new York Attorney General she talked about going after the NRA New York, of course, is the bluest of blue states, and the NRA doesn't have a lot of popular support there. So politically, it's a smart thing to do in James favor, though, when it comes to starting investigation is the fact that very senior people in the NRA are making allegations that would suggest the group is not complying with the laws that govern nonprofits in New York, essentially LaPierre and only north I've made it pretty easy for James to say that she's starting an investigation for serious law enforcement purposes, rather than purely. As a an effort to win political points. But what? In terms of the spending in their tax exempt status. What is the real concern about the money? It depends on who you talk to you. What what everybody agrees on is at the money is being mismanaged. What we also know is that the NRA's fundraising has taken a nosedive under the Trump administration. Whenever Republicans and people who support expansive gun rights are in power, the NRA just doesn't make as much money as it would for instance, under a democratic administration. But then the other question is is the NRA handling its money properly are people misusing it are they billing it improper ways, or are they mischaracterizing their expenses when they Bill the NRA. Those are some of the issues that have that have come up in this litigation that we've looked at. And my understanding is that the details of the financial problems facing the NRA which actually have yet to be laid out in sort of a credible exhaustive on the record manner by any of the people with firsthand knowledge..

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NRA, New York, Latisha James discussed on 1A

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