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And white. Think red. 9 15 here's Dave Preston. Nationals facing Philadelphia in this time, they prevail in a pitcher's duel. The one two pitch. Swing and a miss, he struck him out with a slider. A new career high in strikeouts for Josiah gray as he's fanned 11 Phillies in 6 innings. Dave jagler on 1500 a.m., the Nats win three two is just a gray scatters four hits over 6 frames for manager Davey Martinez. When he could throw his fastball around the plate, and be consistent with throwing his fastball, that makes him slide or a lot better. So he did that tonight and he had 11 strikeouts. That's wrap up their series with the Phillies this afternoon. Orioles have won four straight the last three by one run, the two one victory over Texas saw Spencer Watkins throw 6 and two thirds innings, WNBA mystics at Atlanta 85 66, Helena delle donne telly's 26 points with 8 rebounds in the win, tennis at Wimbledon, women's semifinal action, third seed on Gewehr taking on Tatiana Maria and leads four two in the first set. The second match this morning has 2019 champ Simona halo facing Elena ribena. NFL Carolina spins the quarterback carousel trading a 2024 conditional draft pick to Cleveland for Baker Mayfield, how big was Washington signing of wide receiver Terry mclaurin to that three year contract extension? That's our focus in this week's D.C. sports huddle on WTO P dot com. The podcast D.C. app Apple or wherever you get your podcasts. The NHL capital's regular season schedule, now official they begin the campaign October 12th the Capital One arena against Boston. Dave Preston WTO sports

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