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Time Saturday morning September 3rd is now one 18. Good morning. I'm thinking whether on the 8s and when it breaks, good morning to Carlos Ramirez in the WTO P traffic center. Good morning, dean, things looking relatively quiet at this moment. If you're heading out along I 95 in either direction, you're gonna be just fine if you're doing some traveling, maybe headed southbound, no issues from the Springfield interchange through Fredericksburg all the way down towards the Richmond area, you're gonna be just fine. 66, same story from the beltway through manassas and out towards 81, things are very much running up to speed, despite a work zone that is still out there between subtly road in 29. You're only gonna have three lanes through that area, might cause a little issue here in the morning, as folks head out the door, but as of now, things are all right. Beltway traffic looks good from the Springfield interchange up towards the American legion bridge, outer loop across the Wilson bridge, looks good as well. Earlier crash that was after Pennsylvania avenue, that's all cleared up. No delays, no work group or rather no response out there any longer. Now if you're headed across or rather headed along south capitol street or trying to get on to south capital, street headed inbound, you can't do that. It looks like Douglas bridge is currently closed because of an accident scene that didn't happen on the bridge itself. So if you're headed inbound, you're going to need to take the 11th street bridge. That's the one that will take you from two 95 onto the southeast Southwest freeway 6 95, look for the sign that says downtown. You'll see what I'm saying. Again, inbound side is south capital street Douglas bridge currently closed. D.C. two 95 northbound looking great, no issues past 50. New York avenue, as well as the third street tunnel in bladensburg road all running up to speed right now, no issues to report. I 95 at the BW Parkway between the beltways looking good and for my Baltimore drivers, the outer loops still dealing with the earlier accident scene. Near Stevenson Bill road, though delays look much better now, you are still going to slow down past the actual incident itself and the investigation across the bay bridge. I did westbound, westbound span has the far left lane block. You got two lanes available to you, no glaze because of it, of course, as you head towards Annapolis, and through Annapolis and over towards the beltway, things are looking good. Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic

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