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And Scott Goldberg, President Trump says he won't sign the sort term spending Bill that passed the Senate and would have kept the government running through February because that Bill does not include money for his border wall. Every nation has not only the right, but the absolute duty to protect its borders and its citizens resident speaking moments ago as he signed a farm Bill. Lawmakers are now working to come up with a plan b to prevent the government from shutting down at midnight. Tomorrow. ABC's Mary Bruce has the details. You're on Capitol Hill. Everyone is scrambling to try and figure out some kind of a solution that will satisfy all parties Republican leaders telling me that the plan now is to add the five billion dollars at the president has requested for border security and to fund his wall to that short term fix. But it is unclear if Republicans have the votes to get this through if they did presumably they would have done, this sooner. I asked top Republican leaders that very question. Do they have the votes? No clear answer yet. The Senate also would have to approve the plan and many. Senators already have gone home for the holiday the possibility of a shutdown is leading to a sell off on Wall Street and at the close the Dow is down four hundred seventy points. That's two percent. The S and P five hundred down forty points. Nasdaq off more than one hundred both the house and the Senate have passed a prison reform Bill that they expect the president will sign a US prison population. Now, the largest in the world, and this criminal Justice reform law would make it much smaller the law would reduce sentences for some federal inmates and grant them early release. If they're unlikely to commit future crimes, it would also let crack cocaine convicts petition for early release. This was a rare to party agreement to relax the rules and help inmates. Become productive citizens ABC's Andy Field. The Justice department has filed charges against Chinese nationals accused of stealing billions and secrets from US companies. Pentagon officials says the space force will be part of the air force not its own thing. You're listening to ABC news. It's time to join the millions of people using zoom. Videoconferencing, turn any size conference.

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