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But I think there's a there's a sort of product palette goats. I don't say this. I am love which was shot in Milan. And in that house industrial husband the best cutlery ever. I mean, he's very waited two buildings. So even the villa in biggest bash the Palazzo in coined by name these buildings have a character. This this building is essential Carragee kind of moves and shakes informs. What's going on psychologically in the character? So I think he's very kind of architectural in that interior that the how they work on our interior them. I think this film throbs with history said some sort of saying was rather VS. It's about fascism in the kind of, you know, the the Nazism, but seventies Berlin, you can't get away from that legacy. This this is the place where it happened the goes to live in the streets, not very front and center the way the old film. It was sort of in the it was sort of understood that that would be in the periphery because it was a film made in nine hundred seventy seven this film said in ninety seventy seven so of that bottom line half that Red Army Faction and the second World War and all the rest of it. And especially Klemperer carry. Actor drowsy right back. All that stuff. It said he doesn't dance the dance is about last stuff. Yeah. Interpreting history don't vote very troublesome entitled troublesome paces powerful the peanut Bausch. And even what he does now. So I think those rather beautifully done it easy to do. And I should us wins having a bowl in the middle of that people. It's a hot thing we do. She's elliott. I think she improvised that line. She must have put in. It's just sounds like tool to Swinton it reeks Tilda Swinton. But I think she is. I think she's magnificent in imperious. And that's how you want you to Winston to be. I wouldn't miss. Yeah. No, she's she's very attractive character. Terrifying. This. Oh, great sina facing fried chicken with Dakota Johnson, which is all I've ever wanted to see on film to be on. This. It has gone fried chicken team in as well as important. It's always important to prop of our day. But other than say about to out to say, oh, not the most Carter's she doesn't play just Madame blown nothing. We think because I think that that is being a kind of palm positive part of the mystery is she also where you can tell us. Yes. Because when I was watching I was thinking bloat looks bit weird that Mr. camera, and then there was some it's very funny history of it because Dakota Jones was asked in an interview before the film festivals venison than Toronto. As she went. Who knows lovely Mr. Kemp? Ruse great great actors actress pay by Elsa behalf. Really great, really good. Then what an east deny in? And then eventually told us witness admitted it was me in the now it's out there. It was her. But she it's not her. It's her she's playing an actress who plays this guy. So she's she's invented a character for herself to play this guy. Extra. There is another actress that she is playing that has had the prestige. Exactly. So it isn't till the technically her apparently. And then Luca Toby at a lot of festival that I'm going to say again because she's pay the third character somewhere in the movie as well. And I have so I've read I can spot that. Do you want me to spoil it? Maybe we used to. So I went into the film, not realizing that she had played multiple roles and read about them off towards and when you think about it in hindsight, it's actually quite obvious. And I think the perspective makeup is quite terrible. Understand what the point is what I was gonna ask this is because there are moments quite a lot of the emotional punch. The film is delivered through the character Klemperer, actually, and it's a strange you can't act so well with pussies and it's face work. Right. This is close up face work. So it's a little a little bit of a funny one you kind of want you to main protagonists to be to be giving doing that. I don't really understand that characterize don't understand his function other than maybe as a way into the school or that. We do have to coach Johnson Ceesay for that..

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