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All the Saint Louis blues love playing on the road. They were six and seven this postseason at home, but ten and three on the road. They win game seven of the Stanley Cup final in Boston, four to one first ever championship for the blues and that prompted a wild on ice celebration for Saint Louis. Here's forward Patrick. Maroon. Bringing the cutback. Call forty nine years in the making, I can't be more proud of you from Louis. I can't wait to celebrate with you guys on Saturday in the parade. Let's get drunk. Let's go for rhino Riley lead. The blues in scoring. His posing postseason wins the cons might trophy as playoff MVP, this US open update is service of Wesley communities. The open tees off today at Pebble, Beach, Rory mcilroy among the favorites coming off that Canadian Open win when he shot that sixty one on Sunday, the Gulf that I that I played last week is, is what I'm capable of and the Gulf that, I'll, you know, he tried to produce more often, but you're not going to go in and shoot. Those sort of scores every weekend. But it is nice when it happens and, you know, it is it was a nice way to come into this tournament, Bruce kept as the two time defending champ, there has not been a three back to back to back winner of the US open in one hundred fourteen years baseball, the reds open the game with back to back home runs by. Nixon's L and Joey Votto. They go on to beat the union seven to split the two game series in Cleveland clippers one three two one over Rochester NBA game six of the finals tonight, Golden State must win at home to force a seventh game in Toronto. And from the NFL, former.

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