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Mr he picked on the horse. I don't care what mr btc baby yo-yo-you man you know he talking about tv. See and you make an a show about. Pvc you definitely need me I think you know Canal didn't take that you know it is what it is. I thought it was beautiful You know the effort has been doing those deals for blouse. He can take that. It is what it is Andy and luis ortiz definitely says tyson fury the big man sheet Is not going to be doing when he got to do. We need dealing white stepping ring. Shut up that donkey in the see. What really happened to see if he can last Knock them out. I can't wait to see what the onset wider can do And that's really kinda you know it like the fact that can never take really kind of disappointed. Me i have major plans from you could have had all spence. The winner of many pecu-. Yeah they many pack. You'll say he's better than floyd's to beat the do may back your says it's better than floyd than you lost the floyd but it is what it is. I guess he doesn't wanna be that great but he's still great and For the a man is not that much going on. You know Do you think that the undercard is still going to be alive or that. He's gonna council the whole fight. I believe it will happen. Okay let's see. I mean if they can find a date in three three months for tyson fury covid. I thought it was two weeks that your mentor really have to be out of work but in africa. I didn't know it was going to be three three weeks. That's my comment. So rich menderes in the. It'd be refreshed as here. Alright alright alright. Alright cr be one says nurse. Please donate this money to steve in the uk this simp- accident eddie. Hearn for job live on the internet. Sorry steve i don't speak broke translate. Y'all he's shooting his shot. You mean andy. Ruiz got the aj fight on internet in the dm like he's shooting his shot. Persistence is key. I i don't agree with that Crv one all right. We're going to major. Who says canelo undisputed is the easiest path. I ever witness djamil this weekend and spence. If he ever gets the bud fight is way more impressive. I'm just saying hashtag. I'm just saying i mean yeah i mean i mean i mean you know we gonna give more credit shawn and danny right or rather cal brooklyn and sean and manny and crawford that route is better than callum billy. All right so billy would be the equivalent of the only undefeated belts away. Okay billy could've been brooke. They both had suffered broken orbital bones to undo. What damn book wasn't even undefeated when earl beat him but all right. We'll give billy billy will be his brooke callum. He went through the tournament. He was the ring magazine. He's gotta be crawford. So you see it just makes sense earls path to undisputed would be great because callum is no crawford and last bell is plan.

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