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Andrew head coach, Gregg Baru work that battle. There was a tough game. And. Last fall. The blues had been last place. This snooze. Bucks teen. Weather update, this is chief meteorologist Joey Sola back. Sixty cool degrees tonight for another beautiful overnight low across the region. A few early showers will die down, and then we'll see clear skies take us into tomorrow morning. Tomorrow's weather beautiful, mostly sunny and seventy nine degrees with low humidity heat, and humidity will return find out exactly win so you can prepare joined, good morning, Memphis tomorrow morning beginning at four thirty. I heart radio is the easy to use app for music and radio. Download the free iheartradio app today. Justice. Crime. This is coast to coast AM with George Noory. Meet some people who really understand you who get you, you can sign up for free at paranormal day dot com, approach eighty six thousand signed up members, and hopefully, you'll meet someone who truly understands you paranormal dot com. If you stay use the code fresh for substantial discount. Well, there's all kinds of treatments out there for re.

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