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I think and in sports history I don't recall any sort of superstar or you know on you know what I was trying to it you know I was trying to make trying to make references to this the closest I can come up with is Roberto Clemente the great Roberto Clemente at the pinnacle of his success this career dying delivering supplies to earthquake victims in Central America Thurman Munson the Yankee group the great Yankee catcher dying in a in a plane crash it in lately I guess for if you're if you're under the age of thirty maybe you can relate to Jose Fernandez the young phenom a picture from the Miami Marlins who died in that boat accident in Miami a couple years ago in fact of those you listing of seven ninety the ticket I was actually on in Miami and I remember sitting I was sitting in church and my phone starts buzzing of blowing up with the news that Jose Fernandez had passed away and in our program director data Miami when whiner called actually stepped out of church she said Hey we we've got to cover this Jose Fernandez just died in a boating accident I ran back to the studios jumped on the errant anchor the coverage in Miami the day that Jose Fernandez and and there's a lot of similarities somebody way too young leaving us way too soon thank you very much for the call appreciate it let's get your update that I'm gonna also give you some details of what's going on right now in southern California right now Peter Schwartz is standing by with the CBS sports radio update.

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