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All right let's let's wrap it up you got it i'm gina grad and that's the news more about jesus was he she was the news with gina grad tell you about truecar man i'll give you some tips don't drive drunk about that lou down and also put that keyfobs on your chin will increase the range here's another tip you might not know truecar also helps people get used cars with a certified dealer network nationwide inventory of nearly one million used cars enjoy real pricing on actual inventory and a simpler buying experience whether you're buying new or whether you're buying us you gotta go with truecar find out what other people are paying for the exact same car apples apples lock in your price enjoy faster car buying experience connect with truecar certified dealers are also jockeying for your business so they're competing amongst each other to get your business so the price is going to be as lows possibly can be when you're ready to buy new you're ready to buy us check out truecar enjoy more confident car buying experience some features not available in all states all right us live podcast santa ana east sports arena heather debris is going to be out on stage with us the housewife that'll be april twenty first and then agora theatre that's in cleveland ohio that'll be me may seventeenth may eighteenth troy troy low come on out for that portland seattle all the shows i shows sold on portland sang shows added we're doing a filming it for stand up special there so come on out in the crews and everything else jordan clever everybody you got it right this time.

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