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I'm Brian peers. President Trump says a deal has been reached with Mexico tariff won't be taken effect on Monday on Twitter. Trump said that Mexico has promised to take measures to reduce the flow of illegal immigrants to the southern border. He said, details of the deal would be released by the State Department. Several legislators had balked at the idea of placing tariffs on Mexico, earlier, Trump had said that if a deal is struck. It would involve Mexico importing US farm in agriculture products, the US important nearly three hundred fifty billion dollars worth of goods from Mexico last year. It's estimated that a tariff of five percent would amount to tax of more than seventeen billion dollars. A person infected with measles pass through the Los Angeles International airport twice in recent weeks. The LA county department of public health says the person wasn't LAX terminal four during the late morning on may twenty six two days later, the infected person was at the Tom Bradley International terminal in the late afternoon. Soon. The person does not live in the Los Angeles area, but could have spread the measles to unvaccinated people. Kevin trip. KABC news. A loss Angeles area man's facing dozens of animal cruelty charges for Leslie selling families fatally ill puppies. Prosecutors say Gustaf oaken solace was charged with thirty felonies and twenty two misdemeanors yesterday. He's accused of selling puppies to families for hundreds of dollars only for them to die shortly after they were brought home he faces up to thirty six years in prison. If convicted on all counts and the battle over the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum name is ending in a compromise. According to Los Angeles County, supervisor Janice, Han. It's full name will be the United Airlines field that the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum naming the field United Airlines field and preserving the name of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The deal came after hunt in a veterans group of post allowing United to get the full naming rights. That's because the Coliseum was named in honor of world. War, one veterans hunt, supports allowing United to get the naming rights to the field despise. Ship deal between United in USC has been reduced from sixteen years to ten years. It's not clear if United sixty nine million dollar payment to USC will also be reduced engaged sports. The angels take on the manners tonight. Donald played a giant, Golden State host Toronto in game four of the NBA funds stocks. A weak jobs report, raises speculation of an interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve. The closing bell, the Dow Jones industrial average is up two hundred sixty three points. The NASDAQ is up one hundred twenty seven and the s&p five hundred.

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