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They're on a Lexus and the WTO pia it's eleven forty eight on if you can weather on the aids and when it breaks are traveling in Maryland to seventeen north and south just north of route one twenty one Clark for her down to a single right lane in each direction past the workshop work continues in the Watkins mill road interchange project north of Montgomery village Avenue on the southbound side you get by two lanes right north found two left lanes get you bother work sound as I ninety five the Baltimore Washington parkway remain issue free at on the bay bridge the west Constand block for overnight maintenance he's gone carries two way traffic one lane for each direction as of late no reported delays Georgia Avenue north and Silver Spring this spring street single file right Kunj bother works on one count to ten in Charles county up and down and I keep just north of Marshall hall road down to one single lanes right to the works on southbound lanes were open Virginia if you're traveling three three ninety five north bound between leave road Washington Boulevard two lanes left which bother works on a cell phone three ninety five all lanes open headed south toward the beltway no issues on I ninety five between the beltway in Fredericksburg in either direction sixty six westbound west of twenty eight Centerville two left lanes get you bother working in north found twenty eight as you go into the sixty six interchange single far right which by the works on this evening rid your home of unwanted pests turned home paramount pest control call today for a free inspection eight eight eight eight eight eight home for home paramount dot com Richard have you checked the traffic the storm team four tracking the rain trying to make its way our way we're not going to see a lot of it out there if you leave the umbrella at home on your Tuesday I still think you'll be fine but don't be surprised to see a couple of sprinkles out there during the day.

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