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Hey on the judge in Texas handing down a four thousand dollar fine to the here stylist I think is seven days in jail yes and seven days in jail I think they should be willing to sacrifice a year salary before they do any kind of enforcement like that penalizing somebody that's trying to make a living if people don't want to go to the hair stylist I don't have to I'd love to have a hair cut about right now but you know I I think it's been a huge mistake the way this has been handled and that we should all be call hiding under our bed we should be out working and fighting to stay alive you know what I couldn't stop thinking it's amazing you raise this point about the judge and and the video will play the clip yeah I mean this judge was very very condescending wanting her to apologize to grovel to tell him how wrong she was and to promise that she wouldn't reopen it he said if you do that you may not go to jail I thought what what it what an obnoxious thing to do but you know what I kept thinking press he's got a job he's very he's a judge getting a judge's salary unencumbered by the virus sitting up there working and dispensing judge judgment like this tall woman who said she had her stylish one literal I mean they're literally going hungry they can't buy groceries they have no money right and here's another thing that all the money the government handing out to small businesses big businesses and paycheck protection program will the small businesses that may pay their rent and their expenses and the utilities on their payroll but it doesn't replace the three months of lost profits that they've done to bring all their does it doesn't even address the people who had their life savings wiped out there people I've heard from people I mean I I can't even I don't want a real lot of them they're so heart breaking with people over at me and said Mike I've spent twenty years to be where I am today and it's all been wiped out in a in six or eight eight four weeks you know when you've got no income coming in but yet you're still expected to pay a mortgage or a leash you start to pay bills you got to pay everything else to do well what's the trade off how do we do it you know and and got a lot of smart people this new model and I don't know these models right three hundred fifty thousand by the end of June from the university of Pennsylvania and and people here that are going to say no we can't open now we've made it this far what's the right balance one eight hundred six five five Mike we're gonna get this video here you want to hear the judge at his sentencing of Shelly looper the salon owner in Dallas yesterday it's coming up if you found yourself stuck in a time share you're not alone that's for sure it must have been such a surprise to find out something you were told had value.

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