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Hit wasn't hurt. Miraculously, the pilot wasn't heard one, a small plane crashed into a wooded area on takeoff nearby Verdy he was able to, to land in an area where it wasn't too heavily breast, but the plane is actually. Really kept in place by a falling into some of the trees at that location. The bear county sheriff's department says the pilot was able to climb out and walked away without any serious injuries. A man managed to get out of his car just before it was hit by an Amtrak train on the tracks that run in front of the Corey market early today. The driver was trying to turn from Jones malts burger onto to eighty one about one thirty this morning, but he misjudged the entrance and instead drove onto the tracks that run parallel to, to eighty one the Amtrak engineer noticed the headlights on the tracks and activated. The brakes but hit the car anyway. Nobody was hurt. It's sports the ASTRO's beat the as three two and it was the Rangers over the Royal six to both teams continue their series today. Breaking news on the hour at the half and anytime at W, O A, I dot com. Brought to you by Primo plumbing. I'm Margo Moreno on NewsRadio twelve hundred W A I from the wwl way traffic center. Washing it accident in the right lane to one southbound north best road at quarry drive is going to be a bit sluggish from sunset by a couple of minutes to draft construction. It's blocking an exit ramp of sixty four eastbound at Bandera this is part of a reconfiguring and restricting project of the sixty four eastbound exit ramp to ban Dera might wanna take Brown road as an alternate, Scott west NewsRadio.

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