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Hero using moog soft now sometimes being an it person means you're inundated with alerts and tickets in this it's like it's like alarms are going off and it's crazy and it makes it hard to be productive right it's stressful but this is why you wanna know about mook soft ai ops artificial intelligence for it operations is really machine learning that's really what i want to call it it reduces those it alerts and tickets by up to ninety percent you get rid of nine out of ten of them guaranteed only the actionable work items because what happens is it's a 'cascade something breaks that's the thing you have to fix but then there's all these alerts associated with it that just ended up being noise what you wanna do is close to those events in correlated they call them situations so you don't have to look at another alert or ticket ever again you just say oh this is what needs to be fixed everything will be better as developed for the enterprise requires no rules mook soft uses no filters or models to maintain integrates your existing tools it literally learns machine learning learns how to solve the problem it's pretty amazing moves off day i was has your back not here to replace you here to make you the hero using machine learning lower the frequency and duration repeat incidences incidents get back to what you do best we've mentioned before hcl technologies we have there on the website there's a ton of case studies hcl is a global it managed service provider they use mook soft ai ops as the event management layer in their dry ice.

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