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You rate the other one. Michael Carter potentially moved by Williams with the game that he had today. Possibly depends on what you need. If you're looking for two or three down back, you know, in 1st and 2nd down given to Williams is more of your between the tackles guy Michael Carter. I think it's really more of a change of pace. At the next level, so depending on what you're looking for, But you know, these are two very talented running backs that unfortunately where they where they hurt in my book, Jody was the Notre Dame game. Notre Dame Just shut down, both of you. Guys, and so I thought that really hurt Johnson Williams a little bit more than Carter, but hey, Carter's got himself a little fan club after this week. I throw one more more guy into the mix. It's the Matrix Felton from U C L A. We saw Antonio Gibson go down to the Senior Bowl a year ago. Kind of that hybrid wide receiver running back even Tony Pollard before Antonio Gibson. And now the Demetrick Felton from U C l A. I think he made himself some money. Ah, guy that may have went from day three today, too. And I don't know. I'm thinking maybe he could play with him back, but he might be best suited as a slot receiver. Now another running back. I want to ask you about and running back is kind of a even a bit of a reach. They highlighted among the broadcast. I had remembered seeing him play this year but wasn't necessarily all that excited that because He just wasn't handed the football hall that much. But Ben Mason, the fullback from Michigan, who they said two years running has been voted the toughest guy in Michigan Steam that one play that they highlighted today where he just picked up a guy and drove him back to into the ground that he was probably given 25 or £30, too. I know you got him rank this year number one fullback in the draft, but Not every international football League uses a fullback even has full backs on their roster. How much is that going to hurt Mason? Or is the team going to say if we've got a kid like this? Maybe we can tinker with our offense and find a way to use a fullback. I'm all about making the fullback position. Great again. Jodie and Ben Mason, is it? I mean, this guy's a rhino. Remember, Henry? My nasty This is who he reminds me of. He's just the mauler. He's gonna be Clete yet. He can get you the tough yardage down on the goal line. He could even be a capable pass catcher Ben Mason, I think really has positioned himself now to hear his name called And Guess what? I don't care if half the league doesn't use a pullback, Ben Basin and getting drafted and I think In a little bit of a resurgence here in the last couple of years. I think more and more teams are now starting to get back. Having a fullback, and I'd like to see that. And if that happens, it will be, um I'm with you. I'm old school, so a pullback would excite me. It just seems too many of the teams. They're so past happy, but he can catch the ball out of the backfield. Last thing for you, Ricky. We've talked too heavily on offense. We usually do when you and I get together, but the best defense sieve front seven guy. This week. Was there anybody who stuck out for you either as a guy who can get up the field and get to the quarterback or just a tackling machine. You know this Osa a digger easy from juicy l. A. I think he really made himself some money. He's gonna try to be a top 50 selection and then also Levi on loser Ricky, who actually got injured during the week? I don't think he played in the game, but he was creating a buzz for himself earlier on in the week, and we'll probably go. In that late first early second round, Ricky Great stuff. Appreciate it whenever you come on, you know, we're gonna have you on plenty between now and the draft. Thanks. My meth. Enjoy the birthday, Mac man. Appreciate it. Rick Sarah tell here with a sign CBS portrayed. Alright, quaking time out Coming. We'll get more on the.

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