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Hits comeback, man. We were having a great conversation. All right. Welcome back. We coming in for our last segment, we are live in southern California. I've got a guy who's got amazing story. He's a quarterback with the Carolina Panthers. He passed for two hundred twenty eight yards and two touchdowns. He rushed for another TD in his first career start week seventeen. He threw for more than eight thousand yards and eighty six touchdowns in high school. He was drafted out of the university of Houston last year present mentioned and amazing story. He joins me in studio. Kyle Allen is my guest. Kyle really good to see how you doing. I'm doing great. Appreciate having good to have you on as I mentioned you had an amazing journey which I to get into. But first off what's going on in the off season? How's the treating you dude? It's been great. I mean the first season as a rookie. So is the first time where I have three months to just hang out and focus on myself. So we hung out in Arizona for a little while just moved out here a couple of weeks ago on just been training. All right. So when you talk about Arizona, it's back a little bit as I mentioned the top you had an insane career at desert mountain high school in Scottsdale a career that included throwing passes to. Kate Warner the son of Kurt Warner spent some time around Kurt. So as one quarterback talking to another. What was that? Like where did you pick up from him? It's funny. I actually never played with Kate. He was the year after me curt was always around. So Kurt new Cain was gonna come. When he was a freshman so Kirkwood always spend time with me in our offense coordinator. And when you spend time with curtains house he'll come in. And you'll sit down for four hours straight, and he'll just talk football won't shut up. And I mean, it's it's incredible. I mean, he's got a great football mine. And he's like I compare them to do rivers who is just so passionate about the game that they just want to give back. It's incredible Kurt. I mean, I've known him since when he first came up in the NFL, and I've had conversations with him. You're right. But the guys like he's mazing just to talk to you. When you talk AM, he's obviously. Plus, he's such an amazing guy. He's not talking down you either. So talk football quarterback the quarterback, what kind of things did you talk about? It's peer to peer, man. We're talking scheme. We're talking to mechanics footwork. It's everything. And he he's just wants to give back. He's on so much. He grinded it out from planet. NFL euro bagging groceries to be an NFL MVP, and he just wants to give back, and he sees it in his kids. He sees it as the kids at the high school to Kyle and joins me in studio. And when I mentioned your journey, your regarded as the. The number one quarterback in the country. So you go to Texas am and the plan was you're going to battle for the starting job after Johnny Manziel left at that point in your career. What was life like life was insane, man? I mean, I came from Arizona high school football where it wasn't big. We had two thousand people at our games tops. And you come to an end where they have one hundred and ten thousand people at every single game insane right insane. So it was an adjustment period, especially the first season. And you know, I just came in. And I just wanted to grind it out. And I had graduated high school, or at least while I was there in January, and my main focus was I want to grind it out. I want to win the starting job when games for the somehow makes the NFL. All right. So you get the starting job in two thousand fourteen you beat out Cuyler Murray for the starting job in two thousand fifteen the team gets off to a five star. And then after a couple of top losses, Alabama and ole miss you get benched now at that time, you're young, but you're playing we're having a lot of success. You only know success. What was that experience? Like exactly like, you said, you only know success especially coming from high school, and then winning those first five games. And so I think that taught me a lot about adversity and how. How you're gonna react to it. And how you handle it. And and I think that your failures are your biggest successes because you're going to learn from them or you're not. And so I think that was a good time for me, especially in those two games and finishing out that season. Just how I'm gonna handle adversity going through in the future at home. I have this helped me for hopefully, my NFL future career instead of break. You Carolina Panthers quarterback Cowan and joins me in studio. So then you make the decision to transfer to Houston and then after last season you declare for the NFL draft. Now you had a year of eligibility left. This is a big move. Right. It's a bold move because you're betting on yourself. And you know, there's a risk that you might go undrafted. What went into that decision? And how to feel to take that step? There was a lot that winter the decision. It's like you said I came into decision knowing that I might go in traffic. But for me, the situation, I Houston was I played three games. We went to in one in the coach cited different way. And so I'm sitting here thinking to myself, I really think that I can help an NFL team this next upcoming year. I feel like I can come in. I can produce I can help guys off the field. I can guys in the meeting room. And I really just like you said, I wonder if that on myself in my talent and my mental abilities. And so really when it came down to it. It was just not many people belief in me, but I believe in myself, and my family, I believe me. So I said screw. Yeah. I mean, it's not it's not always easy to believe in yourself. When others are not believing in you said, it not a lot of people believe in you. How did you maintain a steadfast belief in yourself and others around? You are not telling you like man's might not be the best idea. This is faith, faith and confidence in yourself. And so that's always been a trademark of who. I am. And I wanted to keep that going, and I just knew when I was making that decision in December January whatever it was that I have faith myself confidence myself, so why not see South Carolina's a free agent as you were saying at the time you bet on yourself. You wanted that chance they wave you. And then you sign onto the practice squad. What was it like to be on the practice squad, dude? So they wave me after so I played in the preseason. And I played the second half of the last game those only website on the preseason. So they waved me inside me the practice squad week one. So I buy a car. I'm like cool. I'm gonna buy carbolic a used Ford escape I had a lease on an apartment five days later that cut me, well, send me back home. So I drove thirty hours bacteria Zona sat there for seven weeks. Re-sign me to practice. This squad week eight or nine I think, and then I mean, I just wanted to grab my whole goal. There was like I said I wanted to make an impact on the team. No matter. How are they're always on the fueled or the meeting rooms in practice, whatever. And so when I got back there that was my main goal. I just wanted to make an impact somehow we're talking to Kyle Allen he joins me in studio. So Cam Newton was battling a shoulder injury. When I talked to Christian McCaffrey Super Bowl, he was talking about the pain the cameras in and how tough Cam was what did you make the way he held a situation. If you were there every day and saw how Cam attacked has rehab. You saw how he came to every meeting. I mean, he was there from five AM to ten PM every night. I mean, he was attacking it. And like literally five AM to ten PM, you know, he would go up to five and do a spin class and get his cardio in. And then he'd be up there in meeting for ten PM. I mean, I've never been around to do those that dedicated. And so when people see his game on Sundays. It didn't reflect the way he was working throughout the week. And so I just really felt for man. I try to do everything I could to help them get ready for Sundays. And and I hope hopefully, the surgery is going to help him over he's gonna come back this year because. I really think he's an underrated player in this league. Even want MVP a couple of years ago. I think he gets disrespected more than you should be respected. And so hopefully comes back this year, and it's going to be even better. All right. So the decisions made that he's documenting the last two games. Taylor heineke starts week sixteen. He gets banged around a little bit. You make your NFL debut in that game. So never mind. I'm just here to help your in the NFL now playing what do you remember about entering that game for the first time in the NFL? Oh, I remember that they're gonna put they didn't put him on our. But they've bench bench them. They sat him because of his shoulder. And so I remember that money be like, oh, I for my first NFL game pass on. That's what's up then second corner. What's up Taylor goes down and everything's going through my mind. But now you're on the field. That's exactly. But the the thing that comes back to me is just football to play within the play. Do what you gotta do make your res and get the ball quick. And that's all I thought. So just try to do whatever it could help him win. All right. So then for week seventeen year name the starter. So do you literally were on a couch a few weeks earlier waiting for a team to call you? And now, you're. Starting in the NFL as a rookie. I know the competences there. But were you nervous were excited? What was the mindset? There's no doubt. I mean there was nerves throughout the week for sure Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday during practice and everything. But when it came time to gain time on Sunday. I just kind of go back to who. I am as a person who I am as a player. It's about confidence about playing within the system not doing your job. I mean, I don't have to make all the place. It's eleven people in that often. So I just want to go out there and execute take a one at a time. And I really wanted to get a win for the team after that seven games. We went on our, however, many it was I know eleven guys on the side. And you don't have to do it all by yourself. But you gotta know the offense. All right. So we're on the practice squad. You've learned everybody else's offense. How did you learn this offense introduced to everybody else's offense? That's what it's about. You gotta take those mental reps every single day. So when I'm playing drew Brees on plan..

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