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Again. It's nothing amazing but it is. It's better than what you would expect. A movie called the angry birds movie too yeah. It's i've never played. The game shows <music>. I probably probably won't ever either but it was. It's enjoyable al get the four k. I'm not gonna it looks amazing the first right so if you need a little hennion limbs best life appeared english is in it it's great yeah no <hes> sadly the movie kind of runs that steam towards the end but i was a kid. I was never really really that board. I was laughing at times. Mazing never cried or anything but she takes unreal watch so that one is out now then i did watch <hes> last night i watched anthropoid you. You love anthropoid. I love it everything everything you alive the point so this one came out. I think we should review this at some point. It's kinda interesting movie to talk about anyway. I think it was twice only sixteen. Maybe something like that so this one stars kilian murphy who at least favorite are you serious l. a. and actor alec allie friend of the show. I love killing murphy. He is the best just love the guy he's been watching peaky blinders as an subtitles yeah which i've also been doing was going to say love him. I love killing murphy. Love him love him. He's great and <hes> also jamie jamie dornan from fifty shades of grey from that show. I like that. I can get yeah the fall and and other stuff. He's doing a lot of things he's been popping up in places so this one tells the story of this <hes> real assassination attempt or or let's say mission in world war two a a high ranking nazi officer who was known as the butcher of prague because he was notorious for <hes> killing thousands of check back <hes> civilians <hes> throughout the war and <hes> so he was really kinda horrible notorious figure at the time and there is an assassination plot against ten minutes about these two men mostly with a few other. I'm supporting people going going into the czech republic to to kill him and so the first half maybe some era shot at mr blackjack and the kind of the first half of the movie is the planning and <hes> then the middle of the movie is the the the execution execution. No pun intended my right. Oh yeah but the <hes> i won't spoil it totally but the <hes> <hes> it doesn't go exactly according to plan and then the light does the i'm in the second half of the film is the kind of aftermath and <hes> the struggle of the two men to you. Stay alive and i do really like it. It's very subdued kinda. Get out what what you put into it. Yeah i do love the look look of the movie how long film like grain and just makes it look very natural and authentic. It looks great..

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