Arkansas, Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Fallon discussed on First News with Kevin Miller


As far as robotics and how are we teaching robotics in our to your institution's how are we teaching advanced manufacturing power we looking at electron it what are we doing as far as processing all of that has to be within the curriculum in our two year institutions to train for that aspect of the workforce arkansas set to be won a fifteen states under consideration for a huge auto assembly plant that toyota and mazda have announced plans to build i'm robin see these are newsradio one or two point nine karn eight thirty five newsradio one or two point nine karn it's a little low toasted robin there either in my opinion one of three things either angry sleepy a whole lot more fun i see use the sleepy type you did yeah oh my i do not see you is angry at all i just can't see that vein of you're you're all that scrutinize him so i can't see that happening i can get to be a little bit more fun but yeah sleepy will naturally happened to me i'm on the couch hillary clinton apparently a lot more fun than we thought would she gets a little toasted jimmy fallon talking to a drunk hillary clinton last night and another scandal here just came out that at least six white house advisers used private email addresses for official work including ivanka trump jared kushner steve bannon and ryan spree this so with all this talk about private email accounts we actually have hillary clinton on the phone right now madam secretary are you there hi jim me thanks for having me thanks for taking the time to talk now what he that say about all these trump officials using private email accounts sao paulo google we're having good are you sure i mean several people in the trump administration did the same thing that they spent a year criticize you for do you have a response to that fultz abdel listen closely mrs clinton are you still.

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