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Athletic greens dot com forward slash JR. Yep. Now, here's the deal, man. There's a lot of rumor in innuendo in wrestling, and I hate that negative horseshit, but we gotta talk about it. The tourists. So you don't haters that much, do you? Well, listen, I know it's part of the story here, and Austin's not kidding. Quote, there's widespread whispering behind the scenes that Austin pushed for mankind to be in the match so that Austin wouldn't have to do the JOB to hunter when he loses the title. The three way rules can be set up to where whoever scores the final pinfall becomes champion. If that's the scenario Austin pushes for, it doesn't do any favors for Triple H since by pending mankind instead of Austin, he will lose the road he would have gained from beating the actual champion to begin his reign. Who wrote this? Wade Keller. Oh, okay. The original plans for the next few months were Triple H to pen Steve Austin to capture the world title, and then Triple H would hold the title, perhaps until the Royal Rumble, at which point Austin would regain it in time to defend against big show at WrestleMania. Triple H would feud with mankind at first over the WWF title with management believing that mankind would be the opponent who would give hunter the best matches and interviews and thus the best chance to get him over as a legitimate main event. Meanwhile, Austin would have grudge matches at the September and October pay per views against Jeff Jarrett and Billy Gunn. It doesn't appear that the Austin Jarrett feud though will take place, Austin has outright told management he won't work a feud with Jeff jira until Jerry is moreover with the fans and the WWF set the stage for the Austin chair at feud over the last month or so with Jared calling out Austin over the house Mike and Austin giving jeer at several stunners. Austin, though, has since viewed vetoed a feud with Jarrett saying he isn't over enough to face him yet. And there are other thoughts that there is tension because Jarrett and Debra have been friends dating back to their WCW days. And Jarrett was responsible for getting the WWF to hire Deborah and now Austin is dating Deborah. Austin has also said he doesn't like Jarrett's in ring style. Because of alston's power and influence when it comes to his own storylines, it's almost a lock that the entire Jarrett feud won't happen and instead also move right into a feud with gun, whom he personally likes and thinks would be a good opponent for him. Man, there's a lot to unpack here as I like to say, but the whole idea of the rumor, because that's what it is. It's rumor in innuendo as Bruce would call it. Did Austin have a problem dropping the belt to hundred do you think here and adding on? No. Hey, this we're looking to do it. Look, if you're a great talent, like both hunter and Austin are. Then you want to present that conflict that match. In the most ideal scenario that you could possibly create. And that is much like Sean Michaels said earlier, there's no three ways, it's just, you know, Steve and I and that's what we should have gone and it's right call. And the same thing here. You know, nobody, you're building to a singles match, a major highly promoted singles match for the number one number one contender Triple H versus the champion stone cold. And I think that's the way to go with it. If you're going to showcase two great talents, as these two men are, then you want to do it in a single smash Conrad. In my opinion, just as an old school wrestling guy. Let's talk about the Austin Deborah relationship. Was it a headache for you? How do you hear about it? Was there some upsetting us in the locker room or guys griping a little bit here or there? I heard nobody grappling at all. Debra is such a likeable person. And the sweetheart of a lady. And a lot of us met her when she was married to Steve mcmichael. Right. Back in the day, as I say, you know, I think I first met her at WrestleMania ten. Wow. Well, that's when the football players and Lawrence Taylor and all that stuff. 11, I think, maybe. I was at 11. Yeah, it was 11. Yeah. I was ten was Brett no one. Yes. In a garden. So, but she was very well liked. And she didn't carry any baggage whether that was noticeable or negative. Did I recall? No one ever came to me and said, hey what are you going to do about, I got that was Triple H and Stephanie. What are you going to do about that? What is there to do? You know, they're not under contract 24 hours. They knew that socialized with and all that stuff. Shit. So same thing here. Nobody most as Steve's friends would say anything, they wouldn't say my grandpa would say they wouldn't say shit with a mouthful. That's old school right there. That's old school bro and my grandpa's old. God bless him. He drank a half a pound of whisky every day. Real Todd. Yeah, man. Hey, I went back to Oklahoma, a little quick story here. His favorite little liquor store. I went with him and he bought a bottle of half a pint of some rot asked bourbon deluxe. I remember the name now. Bourbon deluxe. I don't even know if it's still on the liquor stores. No clue. And so I bought him a half a pint of crown royal. And he thought he had died and gone to heaven. how it taste how smooth it was and all that stuff. So The Crown royal soon, trumped the Berman deluxe. They still make it. I just Googled it. I had to look it up, but yeah. Yeah, bourbon deluxe is still a thing. It's not real high quality. And most people's eyes. Maybe bourbon deluxe connoisseurs have a different story to tell. But I'll put up my crown royal with that anytime. Conrad Conrad gets me conder keeps me in that 18 year old stuff. God, dang, man. Well, it's not drinking snapple. It's like smooth as hell, which is, oh, and all of a sudden, you look up and it's a long walk back to the kitchen. Because you're bombed. Well, that's the thing. You're a hard man to buy for. What do you get for the guy who's got everything? Got his house like he likes it and glaucoma wakes up on the beach every day. Or it have mercy. It's like, well, I know something he likes. And that might not buy for himself. So here you go. You do, you come through every time. I appreciate I love you, Connie. You're a good man. I don't know where we were talking. I didn't know we're talking to you and me talking about stuff. I absolutely. Well, we were talking about pop pop's bourbon deluxe, but before we got there, we were talking about Austin and Deborah and then how we're setting up SummerSlam. Three ways. She wasn't a problem. The relationship wasn't a problem. The only time that I can recall the relationship becoming somewhat problematic was when they were breaking up. And it wasn't like it was the chaos. Right. Most people respected Austin's territory. Because he was helping them by things. Rolexes and cars, a boob jobs and all kinds of good stuff. All that good stuff. All the monies is coming in, the guys are making, you know, we had, I remember they're the best talking to Billy Gunn about this. I see Billy Gunn and Jeff Jarrett every week at AW. Yes. Speaking of those two dudes, we generally dressed together.

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