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One one 8 7 7 three 8 one three 8 one one James O'Keeffe We'll be here in the third hour With more killer information that you definitely definitely want to have Black Lives Matter chapter New York Post Fumes about shot cops automatically being deemed heroes Now this is an organization that is defended by media matters It's an organization that's defended by mediaite So an organization that is promoted by the Democrat party and city mayors It's an organization supported and funded by professional sports And corporatists throughout America Broadcast companies And nobody says anything except the New York Post and now me Black Lives Matter chapter of Washington D.C. has called for the public not to automatically held cops shot on the job as heroes before all facets of a situation are considered In a series of tweets late Sunday Black Lives Matter D.C. said the public should not jump the conclusions If the Metropolitan Police officer was wounded by a barricaded suspect late Sunday in the city's petworth section let's wait till we have all the information Isn't that what you all tell us the chapter tweeted late Sunday Yeah and you never do Black Lives Matter D.C. compared Sunday shooting The earlier fatal gunfire involving police including incidents and 2021 and 2017 by calling on people to wait for more facts to be released in the most recent encounter So this is Black Lives Matter Anybody going to condemn them Well I'll condemn them and I'd been condemning them Anybody else All right let me swing back here But I wanted to touch on that Just the news is an outstanding site John Solomon's type Now would you think ladies and gentlemen then this is picking up on what Peter Schweitzer wrote about in red handed Don't you think there are things we should do immediately immediately To strengthen our position Vis-à-vis communist China manufacturing certain material certain basics that we need pharmaceuticals How about computer chips The Democrat led House of Representatives has yes to vote on bipartisan legislation the Senate passed over 7 months ago That would provide billions of dollars in aid to chip manufacturers at a time when vehicle prices continue to rise for consumers as a result of the chip shortage Why the Pelosi and the Democrats be holding it up could it be they're paid off Democratic Virginia senator Warner a co sponsor of the bill said the Biden administration and house Democrats Have been focused on other issues since the bill's passage on June 8th 2021 and failed to move it forward He emphasized that passage of the bill titled the U.S. innovation and competition act would lower the average price of vehicles Now the bidens are paid off They're paid off And as Peter's white trick explained that doesn't mean they can't criticize China or give them things here and there because the communist Chinese are sophisticated enough to understand They just need their help on the big things Vehicle prices went up by $6220 in 2021 According to Kelly blue book some dealers are charging market adjustment fees on certain models of vehicles due to the chip shortage and supply chain issues Urging the house to pass the chips bill Warner said how this relates to inflation as I think anybody who's gone out and tried to buy a used car has been probably some of the biggest inflation across the market The Democrats in the House Now this is Pelosi is blocking it Blocking it If the U.S. doesn't invest in the semiconductor facilities in the U.S. that share the market could drop from about 33% to 12% Warner said 33% to 12% The Democrat house how many news organizations have picked up on this Folks how many news organizations None Except again the alternative news It's as if we're doing things To accommodate our enemies isn't it It is to me To accommodate our enemies You know this stuff about January 6th has really bothered me a lot Not prosecuting violent actors not that but so much of the rest of it Because I've never seen anything like this And so at post millennial went another great sight Just another example of what's been taking place here The headline is rabbi who spent 5 minutes inside capital on January 6th sentenced to confinement and probation Last Thursday 56 year old rabbi Michael steppe was sent to two months of home confinement in 60 hours of community service As the terms of a yearlong probation over his involvement in last year's capitol riot they write The rabbis legal counsel had requested that he received a $50 fine Instead the defendant faces a fine of $742 with an additional $500 restitution as well as what I already said 60 hours excuse me 60 days of home confinement and 60 hours of community service Judge Rudolph Contreras an Obama appointee Rejected steppe defense attorney's effort to compare client to protesters who disrupted Senate during Kavanaugh confirmation Yeah they're different They're good protesters The judge said comparison falls flat He stated he believed step a cop was smarter than he lets on in response to defense arguments the rabbi was oblivious to the situation Steppe up said it is sensing hearing I went to Washington to witness a historic event and to let my voice be heard as part of it This seemed like a pivotal in historical moment in our country and whatever the outcome I wanted to be a part of it and be able to talk about it over a live stream If the GOP law so be it there's always another election in tears and then four years That's America Now he didn't do any damage whatsoever He went in the building for 5 minutes and then left the belt He went in the building for 5 minutes and then left the building That's it.

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