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Time. It seems birthday everybody. It's the Steve Bertrand birthday show. Actually, it's my birthday Bill. But thank you. It's not isn't. It was yesterday rights to you. Well, we were working yesterday. So it's today. It's over. It's still the eldest. For sure. The oldest. Yeah. A week. When I am right away. It turns the number. I just want you to know. You're the oldest of the three house, Mary, you're. Dave. So be quiet. Most people say older than dirt. But now. That's the new phrase. All right. Let's let's get it out of the way. You did not enjoy yourself during yesterday's Super Bowl festivities are everybody. It was the most boring game the commercials weren't that. Great. And I told you maroon five suck on there. He was off your turn. I enjoyed all three. I like the commercials. I like the game. I like maroon five I like Gladys Knight. She was fine. But she was only on for the one saw. She was only on for two minutes. Yeah. Great. She did look great looked great sounded great where the pips. Did. We find out she she's worthless. Hitless now peps, but the girls like Mary, and Jerry or whoever saying before they were awesome. Nice job. Most people were they I've never even seen. The I don't know who they are recording stars came out of nowhere. Big voice guy was really big voice wasn't. He. The announcer. Yeah. No. He was good. I was disappointed that the big boy that was featured was not the big boy from the hamburger chain. I was waiting to see him. I love his word big boy. Yeah. Big boy, you'd think he'd at least come out with a tray burgers to start whipping people that motivates that would have been a show stopper. Outfit or Andy Warhol like he did in the commercial. Thing that was very strange Dennis Ryan will be by. We'll talk about this Super Bowl ads and just a little bit. There were there were some interesting moments there. I'm not a fan of maroon five so I'm not surprised they were little animal. Wien low pitchy. I gotta tell you SpongeBob. The best part of it. And Squidward, of course, by wife said how long before people start criticizing Adam LeVine and maroon five and I said, well, it will take about two minutes three minutes. I swear to you as he was being introduced Steve curl introduced him in a in a taped segment now, here's maroon five Terry's looking at her phone, this sucks. This is awful people on Twitter just destroying him just for coming out on stage. That's all he didn't even sing yet. Walked out on stage. Well, it's the whole political atmosphere of the kneeling and stuff because that's why I'm thinking remember when they announced who was doing it. Maybe not you. But most of us were like maroon five I don't know if they could get anybody else to do it. I guess I know what people are expecting though, they did they did their heads. I'm really tired of people. There's just this automatic complaints. Yes, agrees. Steve, you know, what I had? I actually had a Super Bowl party last night with friends, and and what we're people. How are people reacting wasn't at your birthday party? Oh, really? Paused. Yeah. Okay. Do it because it was my birthday. Super Bowl because it was the birth. All don't like Super Bowl parties because no one watches the game. Yeah. I saw less of the game yesterday that I've ever seen a, but I had a wonderful time with right guess. So I really I mean, we had a wonderful time. But we're people criticizing immediately. But people just this matter what Trump's thinking of it this morning if you're an act. Yeah. You know, you just gotta know that's gonna come Friday. The benefit must be right. There's something has happened to people. Now, we're just by nature of being human beings were not satisfied automatically just as soon as they announced the name. Maroon five everybody went out that's going to be awful. But that wasn't a good choice in my opinion. But tell me who's better that has not done it already. Bob Seeger seizure. My daughter went to a party, and she went to a party because they were all getting together to watch. Maroon five. Yeah. So valid they sell a lot of records. The songs were hits. It's not like they pulled out their most obscure. Yeah. Yes. And they left some off there were other hits. They had that they didn't even get to. So the structure of the show is they don't do entire songs. They just do you know the middle of every song. So you get that you get the of every song. I don't know. I don't know what people are expecting to have happened. He was a little pitchy. I gotta be honest with you. And as a judge for the voice that was happy because he was singing live in the past. They haven't always sing live in the past spend them lip synching. Sometimes, you know, but they sing live at concerts. Oh, yeah. I know but for the Super Bowl in the past some of the acts of but he. Yeah. Well, the thing on key you'd hope. Yeah. I know. But this is boring, and we are all taken bats wines. Are you gonna take his shirt off? Because we knew it was going to happen. Did ticket shirt, you know. Yep. And that also angered people because they go Huckabee Janet Jackson. All hell breaks loose. But when Adam LeVine takes his shirt off everything's okay. Key meant to take a shirt off. She didn't. Which is why I feel like hers was an accident. Justin Timberlake had ripped off. If he just comes in you've registered up. Years after the whole, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake. You have said for years that during the halftime show, Justin Timberlake should just come out. Rip somebody's shirt and leave not perform. He should do whatever year. That would be great. What they do that they'd have to pay a million dollars. Just. I know why everybody was bashing Adam LeVine and maroon five if they are fans, I'm not a fan. So you knew I was going to bash them. I think the real core fans were satisfied. She was in LA. So I called her right? When he started just to bother her dad dad, I'm trying to watch this. You just wanted to hear say happy birthday daddy as she forgot oh said, she didn't forget Wien dad's birthday. But this is such a I heard from both my kids yesterday within about ten minutes which prompted to Sharon, did you tell them. Did she they would have remembered? They would remember. All right. Let's do this. We'll take a break. And then more discussion about yesterday's game. What did you think? Did you enjoy the game? Did you enjoy the halftime show? Did you enjoy the commercials? Did you enjoy Steve's birthday? We went to nine hundred seventy two hundred twenty WGN..

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