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Thanks for being a health partner with this show and also for creating products that directly affect my life. Like the sleep one. Because if not i'm up all goddamn night back to the show joining us from his drug. Lord lighthouse in ohio college football national champion super bowl champion ladies and gentlemen aging hawk. What's up man. How's it going. Aj how are you to dry heat out here. They say hundred ten smack them off after this. Show that you're going to go on a run or something outside. I'm like do some push-ups what may be pull ups. Why might be swimming pool. Maybe but probably not defy the guests. It is so hot out there. I'll probably just stare at these You ever hear the superstitious mountains. Jake superstitious mountains. I don't think have their the camelback. Okay and everybody was told that there was golden there and then he went in there and guess what everyone will go eight. It was dot. All right is superstition. Go in there yet. Die or whatever and bill stewart. Told me that story when our west virginia team was out in this beautiful part of the country for the fiesta bowl. Phoenix is awesome. The desert is awesome. Aj i would've never guessed this. And i don't think a lot of people probably say this publicly enough if you're not from the desert is really. This is a beautiful part of the country. Oh it's awesome and anyone that likes golf. I know there's tons of great golf courses out in phoenix scottsdale. I've been out there that plug. I said the three times out of my four years. So i've been a. We've got to see a good chunk of just different though not a whole lot of cross out there. The editor the whole of grass. You'll see some green. You're like well. They must have real cash. They're buying somebody's water to do that whole thing. Somebody's got to do it but it's great here. They got good laws out here too. You know what i mean. I was not aware of that. Is part of the reason you're there early. It's not the there's some business to out here you know there's some things going on potentially and then also smack downs out here on friday so it seemed like the perfect time to go out. Here do this show. The boys are connected back in indy. Were all happy to see you. Aj got a chance to chat with jordan. Speak in the first hour. Welcome him to the fan dolphin family. That was fantastic. Did you hear him. He seemed like a normal human. Aj seem like one of us like a guy like that we could get along with even though he's in that gulf war. I think golfers just because of how they dress just makes him look older. And we think they're like these old stooges because they're wearing collared shirts and pants so it's cool to see him when you actually get to hear them called twenty-seven-year-old dude. He's just a kid who likes to hang out. He's just one of the best golfers at the plano. I'd tell you what we'll watch them on. Tv you know. I saw the way he was dressed. This guy flocked bomb. What a nerd loser. What an old ass man. How old are you pal. The that's hilarious. Because that israel that kind of paints a picture of the yuppie kind of up tight. Unrelatable person minimum speed. Hey you dropped a fuck. I don't know how. Pgn is gonna feel about that. He said fuck on this show. Today i was a big fan of that. You think is going to find him for that. They might. He said he gets fined if he says anything on the course it's too bad. They do get fine so crazy he's not on. I know they leave me for the fans it's awesome. They have mics brigham the whole time especially the starts. They don't ever have a private combo really with their catty. But you're telling me after a bad shot if a guy causes there they find him for that this is. This goes back to what i talked about earlier. You should want emotion in your sport. You should want the person participating at the highest level in your sport thing representing you. You should want them to be excited. You should want them to have emotion. You should also want that type of players that have no emotion. Hey robots are awesome too. That's a cool thing to watch. I've no idea how they act the way they do or why they do. But i like to watch it but i don't think we should be harnessing emotions. Not and i think. That's why i'm so mad about this and that's pj probably will potentially they find them for swearing and having motion. You gotta do it in an adult way because been fcc. have you seen the rule though pat. Some of the boys may know better but they they instituted some rule where you get. There's like a point system based on how popular you are things that you do bring attention to. What is that. So it's a ratings bonus. Yeah it's like a needle bonus. Oh i think jordan's dad was actually a part of creating this tie fleas. Tyrod tigon accepted into harvard. So this is why is such a weapon for us because he can read this shit and retain it what happened with that needle moving rating bonus thing. They had going and how his jordan tied. Yes so it's it comprises like three different metrics that they use to track like social media engagement and all this different stuff and jordan's dad. I believe like is one of the guys who created the algorithm. For how they they view. A couple of the metrics is this data mathematician. I don't know. I don't think so. So we call it. What's that what's that it's called right. Yeah oh what are you in english. Dude bro hook line and sinker by the way shoutout me into desert still got it maybe on planning but let's let's move along with john. Hey john mora thank you tie by the way you gotta. Hey pat a john maura okay. He came out and said you know everybody sick and tired of the talk. I thought it's talking. I got people tweet me now saying that he said he's sick entire taunting but it just sounded like talking. Whatever the case is. I can understand if they don't want to agree to shit happening but john moore has never competed. I don't want to say that that sounds very. I don't know if john mora has ever competed. He might be in one of those polo games on the penalties out. There you know he's probably had some sort of competition maybe whatever drinking. I understand that. He has competed in whatever he was handed a team. But like i get okay. I think him delivering the statement from the competition committee about having a motion whenever you potentially changing tired trajectory of your family tree like i just think now. Maybe he's just a first person that's spoken got to talk about it but this point of emphasis thing is fucking ridiculous. It is so stupid. They know what we know putting a point of emphasis on. It means they want spotlight and change. The course of the way the league's going to go and the game's going to go..

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